Photos of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt In McCain/Palin T-Shirts, Holding Gun, Beer
Lipstick on a Heidi and Spencer Six Pack Out in LA!

Where to even start. . . Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt took a walk in LA yesterday carrying quite the accessories. Heidi wore a shirt that said, "Read My Lipstick: Vote McCain Palin" while showing off her book titled You Can Profit From A Monetary Crisis. Meanwhile, Spencer's look was even more subtle — his shirt reads "Palin for VP: God, Guns, Glory" while he toted, what else, a six pack of Budweiser and a shotgun. Always unsettling to see these two armed. Hmm, I wonder who they're voting for? Plus, isn't Spencer breaking an open container law drinking that beer outside? They haven't lost their touch, but it's not all sunshine and nauseating photo ops. Sad news for Heidi — her Heidiwood line is being discontinued from Anchor Blue after only one year on the racks. At least she's got Spencer on her side, for better or for worse.

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