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Photos and Interview of Jay-Z in O Magazine With Oprah

Oprah Gets Jay-Z to Laugh and Talk Beyonce, Just a Little

Jay-Z isn't a man of many interviews, but he's been making the selective rounds promoting his album Blueprint 3, which comes out on September 11. He recently opened up a bit on Real Time With Bill Maher and now he's in the upcoming issue of O Magazine. He met up with Oprah in his old Brooklyn neighborhood to talk a little about his upbringing, wedding to Beyonce and the most influential books in his life. Even Oprah gushed a little about how good he smells. There's more to come when the magazine is out, but for now here are highlights:

  • On why he was the one from his neighborhood to succeed: "There's the gift, there's the spirit, and there's the work — all three have to come together. If one of those things is off, it can stop you from becoming who you were meant to be."
  • On using the N-word in his lyrics: "Nothing is necessary. It's just become part of the way we communicate. My generation hasn't had the same experience with that word that generations of people before us had. We weren't so close to the pain. So in our way, we disarmed the word. We took the fire pin out of the grenade."
  • On his wedding with Beyonce: "Late planning! ... Very few [people knew]. The sad part is that we offended some. But people who love you understand. Because at the end of the day, it's your day."
  • On his favorite date spot: "I'm gonna get killed for this, but I'll tell you anyway. There's a great pizza spot we go to every Sunday. It's our tradition. It's a small place in Brooklyn, you can bring your own wine, and there are candles there. It's a nice date."


PinkNC PinkNC 8 years
I don't care what JayZ says. The N words is never alright to use. I don't care how much money you have, if you put it into a song, or saying the words jokingly with a friend. It's rude and ignorant.
lawdawg08 lawdawg08 8 years
Don't fool yourselves she is doing this because Beyonce would not give her an interview without first interviewing Jay Z. I like both Jay Z and Oprah, but I don't know how she is going to reconcile this interview with her message to her core audience, it does not make sense. He still uses lyrics with the "B" word, "N" word, etc. So, does this mean Ludacris gets to come on the show as well. Ludacris has probably done more for his local Atlanta community via charity and giving than anyone. This really makes no sense.
Cucumber334 Cucumber334 8 years
The pizza place is Lucali in Brooklyn, I've seen them there a couple times.
Burkina Burkina 8 years
Adorable. Hes VERY charitable too which I admire. He just doesnt blast it around.
Quills Quills 8 years
They look like they are about to sing a love duet on the porch. :P So cute. Oprah looks fantastic.
Asche Asche 8 years
Okay, something about this really bothers me. I have always liked Jay-Z. I have always liked Oprah. Oprah has always disliked rappers who use the N-word. So why is she blowing smoke up his ass, and not, for instance, Ludacris's (who she has had a long-term feud with)
mschelley mschelley 8 years
Anon @ 6:16 - some people don't see the need to wear the rings. my dad doesn't wear his and he and my mom have been married for 38 years now. i really like jay-z and beyonce. as for the usage of the n-word, much like any other racially related words (spic, beaner, etc) i believe that as long as society gives those words meaning and weight, people will keep using them. if we decide that we are not going to be subject to the definition that society has given those words, then they no longer have any derogatory meaning. sticks and stones, you know.
Dana18 Dana18 8 years
It is nice to see open up.
jaan_black jaan_black 8 years
I'm blk, I hate the word...I listen to rap but old school b/c it's better and has less nonsense talk...I hate hearing the word from anybody don't get me started on people that think they're "down" cuz they have one a half blk friends and proceed to use it casually b/c of the poor example their blk friends set...wish Jay-z would retire already, I'm so sick of him
loveshahrukh loveshahrukh 8 years
i love jay-z and beyonce, and how they have managed to stay so genuine and grounded in the world of 'im having a baby- magazine cover', 'we love each other-magazine cover' is really amazing!!
Rouge-Noir Rouge-Noir 8 years
Oprah looks amazing in those pics! She's wearing my favorite color jeans:-)
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