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Photos and Interview Quotes From Brad Pitt Rolling Stone Cover 2008

Brad Doesn't Want to Fight but Is Ready to Defend Angelina

The neutral tones make Brad Pitt's blue eyes stand out, along with the mustache of course, on the cover of this week's Rolling Stone. His work in Benjamin Button brings Angelina Jolie nothing but pride, but your pick for hardest working of 2008 already lined up his next project playing a British spy in The Lost City of Z. In the meantime, Brad spoke to the magazine about his dreams for the future, Proposition 8, and his kids. Here's more:

  • On his children: "They're so beyond me in technology, it's hard to keep up. Our seven-year-old was searching the word 'weapons' on Google the other day and ended up on some white-supremacist site. I'm sure now we're on all kinds of watch lists."
  • On fighting with Angelina: "Angie and I do not fight anymore. What occurred to me on this film, and also with the passing of her mother [actress Marcheline Bertrand in 2007], is that there's going to come a time when I'm not going to get to be with this person anymore. I'm not going to get to be with my children anymore. Or friends, people I love and respect. And so, if we have a flare-up, it evaporates now . . . I don't want to waste time being angry at someone I love."
  • On the Angelina NY Times article: "It sounded to me like the story made Angie out to be manipulative in some way. She is savvy. I get defensive. [They're] talking about not only the woman I love, but one of the people on this planet who I have the greatest respect for. I think she's as honorable as anyone I've ever met."
  • On his favorite of Jolie's movies: Their 2005 action flick Mr. & Mrs. Smith. "Because you know . . . six kids," he says. "Because I fell in love."

To see what Brad has to say about Proposition 8 and the message of his movie just


  • On growing up in church and Proposition 8: "Yeah. And it was too much of what you shouldn't be doing instead of what you could be doing. I get enraged when people start telling other people how to live their lives. It drives me mental. This Prop. 8 thing just drives me mental."
  • On getting older: "I have this fantasy of my older days, painting or sculpting or making things," Pitt says. "I have this fantasy of a bike trip to Chile. I have this fantasy of flying into Morocco. But right now, more and more, it's about getting the work done and getting home to family. I have an adventure every morning, getting up."
  • On his movie: "Yeah, I think it's open to . . . it's your choice. I find Benjamin is about those universal things we all share — that 95 percent that makes us all the same, wherever we are in the world. Our loves, our hopes, but also the loss that we all walk around with and hide very well, and the ultimate notion that we're all expendable. To me, it's a counterstatement to this divisive period we've been in, where we focused on the two, three, four, five percent of ways in which we're different."

With Brad sill waking up in awe of her beauty and his passion projects all over the world, it's no wonder he still sees his life as an adventure. Check out the full article when the issue hits newsstands this week.


Join The Conversation
tina57 tina57 8 years
your not even a fan of mine anymore, and I don't quite how to anyone..You and Angie always have to prove your love, neither one of you are genuine.. Brad we all new when you were in love with you wife Jennifer Aniston. You still fight b/c thats why you had to say something, and If you didn't you will lose those kids that i do believe you love.. The more you humiliate Jen the more you'll be hated. Its normal for angie shes phychotic just cares about herself a cutter a manipulator some who loves to hurt someone, Jen always accused bring up the past. well jen its about time you did hope you will and sc*** them both..,
royalgirl53 royalgirl53 8 years
I can't believe all this meaningless, materialistic, insignificant banter. Who cares abt his moustache, their relationaship. I do care about their humanitarianism which is commendable. My honey is,74 and he takes such good care of me and I am 53. We were married 20 years ago, divoriced, then i remarried ayounger man and he dumped me after 16 years. Guess, who was still there for me, my 74y/o honey. My point, no one knows the complexeties of intimate human relationships and I don't think it's anyone's role to judge. Look at your own lives, relationships. That should be everyone's role rather than harping on others. Anyways, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Treasure the love you have and the love you give!!
myperry myperry 8 years
First of all those "blue eyes" are blue contacts. I can't wait for the day that Brangelina break up. I hope she cheats on him the way he cheated on her and then let's see if all the Brangeloonies will blame it on him the same way they are blaming Aniston now.
sh12345 sh12345 8 years
no mustache please!
Jengal Jengal 8 years
It is from my own personal experience that people who do a lot of charity work often lack charitable compassion to people from their immediate surrounding. Pitt and Jolie appear to be doing a lot of good work but they are certainly not showing any remorse for building their happiness on the ruins of someone else's life. Yes they fell in love and yes it happens, but do they have to boast about it? I'd like to think that most people would at least feel slightly bad for inflicting pain on someone else. The fact that there are people who justify this and think that Jen deserved to be dumped make me sick. Jolie is much hotter than me, does it mean she's more entitled to my husband?
Ginger Ginger 8 years
Most people set internet filters to block certain words, porn, etc. but there are probably a lot of sites you wouldn't want kids reading that don't fall under the usual block parameters. They have never admitted adultery. Even Jennifer said she doesn't believe that Brad committed adultery. There are lots of people who have fallen in love, or something close, without ever consummating the relationship. Love does not always equal sex, just as sex does not always equal love. Unless somebody here has firsthand knowledge otherwise, I see no reason to believe your claims over what all parties involved have consistently stated.
7R 7R 8 years
His eyes are so blue, just like Shiloh's. His message is loud and clear, his Angie and kids are all for him now.
Frank-y-Ava Frank-y-Ava 8 years
I could see Angie cheating on Brad before Brad cheating on Angie. Not that I imagine them cheating on each other. I honestly see this lasting for quite some time, at least another 10 years.
pinkmystic pinkmystic 8 years
*throwing tomatoes with ferret*
jaan_black jaan_black 8 years
**** them both
LMAO @ albatross, and I agree liek.
ferret ferret 8 years
*throwing tomato at brad pitt*
ilek ilek 8 years
I love the interview - I'm happy he said that he fell in love w/ Angie in Mr&Mrs. Smith. I think they are soulmates and I'm glad he got rid of the albatross. And, he was most definitely not in a committed relationship at the time - his marriage to the Fraud was a sham and over in the Summer of 2004 (by the Fraud's own admission in her pity party VF tell all).
Stoned Stoned 8 years
I think it would bring him back down to earth if Angelina cheated on him. He is so smug.
LOL Turtlefreak thats never gonna happen. Angelina isn't like any other woman and Brad knows that. Trust me.
turtlefreak turtlefreak 8 years
I hate to say this...OK if I hated it I wouldn't say it....but I am looking for the day when he does the same thing to Angelina that he did to Jennifer. Especially since now both of them admitted to adultery. Honestly I don't like Brad as much as I used to and the mustache makes him look way older and ugly!! I think him and Angelina need to move on and enjoy their fight-free relationship and leave Jennifer Aniston's name out of their vocabulary!! She is better off without him and him and Angelina seem to be trying way to hard for some reason. They are all good actors/actresses so they need to stick to that and leave each other alone!!
amandahugginkiss amandahugginkiss 8 years
BLECH. BARF. i am thoroughly disgusted with him. i won't be seeing his movie. i would have six years ago. not now. won't even do it for cate, who is the true talent. brad, STFU...
bluestar bluestar 8 years
ckeller825 ckeller825 8 years
On his favorite of Jolie's movies: Their 2005 action flick Mr. & Mrs. Smith. "Because you know . . . six kids," he says. "Because I fell in love." That made me sick. seriously.
ladybug ladybug 8 years
Trixie6 -- not sure what you mean. are you suggesting jen needs to learn loyalty? because she was "running her mouth"? why you she be loyal to him after the fact?
Frank-y-Ava Frank-y-Ava 8 years
So stupid to get upset over someone that will never ever affect your life (unless you watch their movies). Relax, please. He probably isn't thinkin about people that dislike him, why are yall thinkin about him. If you don't like him, ignore him. That's what I do with Speidi.
Juicylemon Juicylemon 8 years
''I cannot comprehend a parent who lets a 7 year old search the internet unsupervised. Pathetic.'' So how did he knew what his kid searched and found?
fashionplate525 fashionplate525 8 years
Awww..I love them together! He is a man so very much in love and I cannot be happier for the two of them!
Glittersniffer Glittersniffer 8 years
Wow. He makes comments like that and Angie's the one that gets flack? Surprising. Or really, disappointing. Shame the press has forgotten that it does indeed take two.
Myst Myst 8 years
I'll give a toast to michael. :D
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