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Photos of Jennifer Aniston Driving Her Bentley Around LA

Jennifer Aniston Rides Around LA in Style

Jennifer Aniston took her shiny Bentley for a spin in LA yesterday afternoon. She was chatting away on her cellphone, though she stayed within the limits of the law by using her hands free device. Jennifer is back in California after a relaxing trip with friends to Cabo, where she was spotted soaking up the sun in her favorite purple bikini. It's already time for Jennifer to get back to work, and she was spotted heading into a meeting with a prepacked meal in hand.


Image Source: X17 Online
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amandahugginkiss amandahugginkiss 7 years
you loonies are hilarious! nice to see the usual ones one here. talking their usual loonie smack talk about jen. same old, same old. bentleys are beautiful cars. why shouldn't she have one? it's better than a gas-guzzling escalade, she's enjoy the fruits of her labor...
tina57 tina57 7 years
Love her love her. Jen is the best.
SandyFeet SandyFeet 7 years
I don't care what kind of car she drives and she deserves to purchase whatever she wants. I also do not hate her I don't hate anyone. It is her acting abilities that I was commenting on and her fan base. I used a metaphor when I said drowning. It translate to: Her fans are the ones that keep her relevant because is certainly is not her acting abilities. When she was on Friends it was in a cast of charaters. Jennifer did not singlehanded control that show she was one out of six. When all you have is a body and hair it does not make an actor. And as far as Brad "making" Angelina a saint. No she did that all on her own. Angelina was never a mess maybe a nonconformist but never a mess. By the way why bring Brad and Angelina when this is about Ms. Aniston. Please do not equate them with Jennifer.
MGMT MGMT 7 years
classy and talented yeah right only in the world of FRIENDS oh and classy how many men has this prossy been with !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! disgusting and filthy rich only cares about herself fugly maniston
frozen-heart frozen-heart 7 years
I know what I'a exactly saying or reading! you have to learn to read.I said why are you waiting for her drowning?? I meant her not fans. "her loyal fans that can not tell the deference between sh*t from Shinola" -this an offence which is NOT TRUTH. when I mentioned about charity I was talking about some other posters NOT you! and yes,we are JA fans not her,classy or classless that's our business but she is classy and talented.
los-angeles-1 los-angeles-1 7 years
talented? More like luck
SandyFeet SandyFeet 7 years
Mar these are the types of people that consider themselves fan of hers. They say that Jennifer has class and yet they become classless when addressing other posters.
mar mar 7 years
I just still can not believe I was called a cockroach for not liking her. I never even mentioned anything about her car. What is pathetic to me is that people actually get so personal as to insult other posters. I have a problem with that- sorry
SandyFeet SandyFeet 7 years
Yes, I can open my mouth and say anything I like when it is the truth. Jennifer has a PR agency that keeps her relevant, that is all. I did not say that she has not done charity work but it is PR for the hospital and she gets paid for endorsing and giving her name to the hospital. "Public service announcement FOR St.Jude Hospital" That is how it works. I did not say anything about her fans drowning I SAID THAT HER FANS KEEP HER FROM DROWNING. Learn to read instead to jumping to conclusions and YES this woman can NOT act.
frozen-heart frozen-heart 7 years
I second that jenis1- she's done charity works. I assume these people do NOT know JA. "The only ones that keep her from drowning are her loyal fans that can not tell the deference between sh*t from Shinola. This lizard skin woman has the acting ability of a cucumber." And what makes you think you are so wise?? to open your mouth and say whatever you like? this is an offense to her fans!Are you waiting for the other's drowning? fortunately,she is very successful.God bless her. Evansville girl meets Jennifer Aniston Posted: Nov 20, 2009 3:51 AM Updated: Nov 20, 2009 5:48 AM By Laura Forbes - bio | email | Twitter Posted by Noah Stubbs - email EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - An Evansville girl appears with actress Jennifer Aniston on a new public service announcement for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Only a year ago, Amber Hardin was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that only 18 percent of children survive. But today, she is full of life. She is the only girl on her T-ball team, a fact that Jennifer Aniston points out in a public service announcement for St. Jude Research Hospital. The strong will that helps her beat the boys in baseball was one reason she was chosen as only a handful of kids who traveled to Los Angeles to shoot the announcements, and the only one to meet Aniston. "She was nice and kept hugging me and kissing my head and wiped the lipstick off," Hardin said. Eight year old Amber is a little young to be a fan of Friends, but she knew Aniston from the movie Marley and Me. Aniston signed a copy of the DVD for her. "She was so personable," Hardin's aunt, Elizabeth Smith said. "Hugging her and telling her how precious she was, when she said those words. It just touched me to the bottom of my heart." While shooting the PSA was an unforgettable experience, they hope more than anything it will inspire people to give. They say without St. Jude, it's an experience Amber couldn't have had. "We would still be grieving right now," Smith said. "We would be grief stricken as a family, because they literally saved her life." You can expect to see that public service message sometime in the next couple of days.
jenis1 jenis1 7 years
Agree #18 lol,take a look in the mirror to see the real cockroach. What's wrong with driving expensive cars?? she is rich and can spend her money!It's not your money haters.This all jelousy!! She does chrity works. WHAT IS St. Jude Children's HOSPITAL ? perhaps she should go around the world to get some publicity.then you would call it charity! But she is not fake and publicity stunt. If she wasn't talented,she wouldn't be on a show for 10 yrs.haha! POOR LOONS
MGMT MGMT 7 years
yeah right and you know what shes buys this maniston pays 50 grand for her hair stylist how pathetic and sad a 40 year old hasbeen
SandyFeet SandyFeet 7 years
The only ones that keep her from drowning are her loyal fans that can not tell the deference between sh*t from Shinola. This lizard skin woman has the acting ability of a cucumber.
mar mar 7 years
also- the die hard Jen fans are what they are, but she has a lot of negative buzz in the industry for her lack of talent. How many freaking times can you play Rachel Greene?
mar mar 7 years
wow- I GET PERSONALLY INSULTED for not liking her? She is FAKE. She is obsessed with her looks. She make crap movies. She can not act for her life. Why do I have to like her????? I am jealous of her bank account, I can admit that.
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