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zagge zagge 9 years
Why are you hate Jen so much. Di you now her. I love Jen and John, they are cute. AJ and Brad can do what they will but leave Jen alone good luck to you
Frank-y-Ava Frank-y-Ava 9 years
I also don't see why AJ fans get so upset when people make comments about her, but same thing goes for Jennifer fans. But honestly the three of them are leading separate lives and have seemed to move on.
angelstern angelstern 9 years
They make the weirdest couple. They really don't look compatible together at all.
shantejam shantejam 9 years
Its fair game, you invade Jolie's blogs with the same sort of comments except, her kids become targets which is very low even for man,man fans and like I stated she would pick me up off the street before man,man, I would put money on that. Man doesnt even speak to her mother and to me that says a lot about a persons character.
pinkprincess1101 pinkprincess1101 9 years
how fucking childish does this sound i will finish it i doudt she would give two rats ass about you
shantejam shantejam 9 years
I bet if I needed her to take me in, being that I was poor and hungry she would take me before Maniston. Maniston probably would turn her nose up at me and laugh. Amanda started the snarky comment, so I finished it.
pinkprincess1101 pinkprincess1101 9 years
and how is making snarky comments about maniston going to hurt our feelings the loonies are the only ones that get all ape shit crazy when someone calls mangie a name like you just did with the fish lips, get over she could careless you are defending her unless you are going to give her millions she could careless about you and what you have to say good or bad
shantejam shantejam 9 years
Amanda, Id rather have big pretty fish lips than to have my top and bottom lips looks as if I have my mouth wired shut.
shantejam shantejam 9 years
You guys can bring up Angelina in any post not related to her, but as soon as we bring it up drama. Its alright to rag on AJ, but soon as someone calls Maniston out, you want to be civilized. The truth hurts for some people.
amandahugginkiss amandahugginkiss 9 years
shante, you need to chillax! just remember: angelina doesn't care what you think or what any of us think. and hate on jennifer all you want but please stop bring fish-lips jolie into this thread...
Latin-Angel Latin-Angel 9 years
I don't understand why the people here talk about Angelina life in this post if this is about JEN... but if you want to talk about Jolie I can to tell the next: I admire to Jen and Angelina too but being honest the only good normal things that Angelina has done in her life have been to help to people in Africa and to adopt 3 children. I meant this is good thing but not mean she have great moral quality (she isn't the Mother Teresa) and it is the most important in this life. For other side, the bad comments about Jen is very stupids because the actresses and actors are persons too and have feelings and if someone hurt them in some way they can to feel and the public (fans) have to understand that. Just think, if you were in the Jen's shoes, what will be your action front to the reality? I think Jen is a person of most normal in Hollywood compared to others. She is Human like you and me and has all the right of the world to continue with her life after her marriage finished and it is very normal. The Jen 's past is the past and I imagine she is looking for a good personal future and you only have to respect her intimacy and privacy not remembering to her the past, she will be thanked like any other human.
pinkprincess1101 pinkprincess1101 9 years
shante you take this way to serious its quite creepy actually, like who really gets that mad when someone makes a comment about their fave celeb, mangelina fans are the only ones that get so heated when someone makes a negative comment about her, it really is not that serious
shantejam shantejam 9 years
You guys steal nicknames, Maniston is the only man,man known by websites. It was well known that Brad wanted children and there's an interview as well by Maniston that the tabloid reports weren't true as far as why their marriage broke up. Brad looks so happy, I mean its so obvious. Angelina never said she'd take a TWO years off, she stated she'd film for two months, take time off, then film again, take a year (wanted, changeling) and if you think about it she hasnt worked since filming changeling and thats been almost a year. Maniston is the skank how many guys in three years and end up with John Mayer, he looks dirty.
Jen-Fan Jen-Fan 9 years
Please refrain from the "A" word or the "B" word on this thread!
Jen-Fan Jen-Fan 9 years
Agreed vandec!
vandec vandec 9 years
When Jen was filming the Break-Up here (Chicago) she frequented a handful of places, among them Mia Francesca, Japonais and Cocca Pazzo Café ... all have really great food and if she wants to share a good place to eat with her boyfriend, then why the hell not?? I love it how people say she needs to "get a life and work on her own career" -- the very same people who BLAME her for her husband's infidelity because she *appeared* to care too much about her career .. so which one is it?? be a devoted wife/girl-friend or have your own life?? these manjelina fans should check their stories -- I recall that saint skank promised to stop working for two years after she adopted #4 (or was it #3?) and she has been non-stop ever since. As for what's so great about John Mayer, it's a matter of taste. I think it's a shame he has such a huge adolescent girl fanbase because he's actually a talented singer/songwriter and a killer guitarist .. Eric Clapton would not have invited him to his massive Crossroads fundraising event last summer (with dozens of established guitar legends) if he were a hack.
amandahugginkiss amandahugginkiss 9 years
right shante. jen's fans brought up angelina. right. one of your fellow angelinatards brought her name up in this thread, which incidentally, isn't about angelina...
shantejam shantejam 9 years
Jen isnt normal, she cant keep a man and she has no relationship with her mom who carried her for nine months, that says a lot about a persons character instead of just looking at them and saying because she looks like the average girl, she's normal. You guys bring up AJ name any chance you get.
Mintie Mintie 9 years
Bella- I work nights during the week, so, I am forced to go to dinner rather early [5-7pm] if I want to go out during the week... and Francessca is one of the places I will often choose... I LOVE it... I skip the crowds alltogether!! It's fabulous!
krisua krisua 9 years
I never liked Mayer before, but now I must be thankful he has brought up so much news about Aniston. Love her! (L)
Shell-bell7 Shell-bell7 9 years
Well she is looking fabulous. If it takes "20K a month" to look that fab...I'm there.
amandahugginkiss amandahugginkiss 9 years
i love the people who keep bringing angelina into this. it's all so predictable and funny...
northernstar northernstar 9 years
There's a rumor that she spends $20K per month on maintaining her looks. I'm surprised she doesn't look any better than a 40 year old hag.
Shell-bell7 Shell-bell7 9 years
Nice to clear up what door to use when exiting LAX!
Freyda Freyda 9 years
Yes, Aniston did call the cops at LAX when she saw a bunch of paps but the papas weren't there for her they were there for Victoria Beckham. JA got the cops to take her out the FRONT DOOR, while any other self-respecting celebrity leaves LAX conveniently (a la AJ) by the back entrance. You act like a hospital having a press conference is a crime. I doubt AJ/BP said cancel all your surgeries this morning and talk to the press for us. The tabloids printed that AJ was there and had given birth. Their Doc just cleared up the nonsense. If AJ/BP didn't authorize it the tabs and the haters would just make up more outrageous bleep about them than they do all ready. The Mayor didn't need BP/AJ's permission to show the birth certificate, it is a public record after all. they probably didn't even know about his actions.
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