Jessica Alba Cashes In on the Fun at the Clippers Game

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren had the same idea as Jay-Z and Beyonce, sharing their date night with the NBA yesterday. Jess and Cash were courtside in LA to watch the Clippers defeat the Detroit Pistons. Jess also shared a few laughs with fellow attendee Kid Rock, and they even posed for a photo together. The actress has been spending lots of time with Honor and enjoying board games with friends while on a short break in her busy schedule since her Valentine's Day promotional duties are done.

Image Source: Getty
She looks much better with that haircut and colour, it's great!
Love her haircut. CUTE cute and double cute. It differentiates her from all the typical long hair bimbos.
I love that she looks so young and fresh (not thet shes "that" old but yea not many people look like that in her age.)
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