Photos of Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake Attend the Last Chance for Change Rally in Las Vegas
Justin and Jessica Speak Out For Change

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel went to the Last Chance for Change Rally in Las Vegas on Saturday. Amidst all of the engagement rumors the two rallied for Obama, but rather than performing, they just spoke freely for 30 minutes. Justin started, "I'm not here as some dude who writes goofy songs. Me and Jess, we're here as Americans. We're here as humans because this is something we had to do. We've never publicly endorsed before. But we've never been so inspired by one person." JT and Jess bantered about the issues, saying:

Jess on a woman's right to choose: "Nobody should be able to say what you can do with your body."
Justin: "I give Jess the right to choose where we go to eat all the time. The funny thing is, what the woman chooses is usually right."
Jess: "Brownie points for you."
Justin: "I know where my bread is buttered."

Standing up for what they believe in finally brought these two out to stand on stage as a couple. Whatever their future holds, it sounds like they're ready to work together when it comes to their causes.

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