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Photos of Jessica Simpson In Cowboys Shirt, Ashlee Has Labor False Alarm

Jessica Cheers on Tony While Ashlee Has Labor False Alarm

Jessica Simpson showed off her Cowboys pride stopping off at the supermarket in LA yesterday. She may not have been able to be there in person to see Tony Romo's return to the field last night after his broken pinky, but she must have been cheering loud to see her boyfriend bring his team a win. Jessica had good reason for missing the game — this weekend Ashlee supposedly had labor false alarm but is back home with no new addition yet. It can't be too much longer before the newest Simpson-Wentz arrives, but until then Jessica's on hand to welcome what will become the world's newest Cowboys fan if she can help it.



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Jatra Jatra 8 years
She is pathetic, totally no respect for her and apparently the country world don't have any for her either.
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 8 years
I think Jessica's pregnant. Sorry, but she has been wearing baggy clothes for awhile now. I guess she could just be gaining weight. I hope Ashlee's baby is delivered soon, and that everything goes smoothly.
GeminiDolly GeminiDolly 8 years
It was a great win by the Cowboys last night. I was so nervous for this game and just hoping Tony's pinkie would not limit him too much. I can just imagine how nervous Jessica gets when she watches Tony play.
MizCrystal MizCrystal 8 years
Jess was right. She said everytime she wore the blue jersey, the Cowboys won! Hehe... She looks cute and natural here...I just love to see her like this rather than dolled up....JESS ROCKS!!!!!!! Best wishes to Ashlee!
Mesayme Mesayme 8 years
So she's now just famous for dating a quarterback... So stupid.
liliblu liliblu 8 years
What's the big deal about Jessica wearing a Cowboys jersy. I wear one on occasion and I don't even date one of their players. Is there something wrong with her wearing a Romo jersy on game day?
OChottie OChottie 8 years
I don't think she looks fat. I do think it's hard to look trim and sexy in an NFL jersey.
liliblu liliblu 8 years
How bout them Cowboys!!
OChottie OChottie 8 years
ilinac, are you saying Jess is the reason the Cowboy's won their 6th game this season? I thought the Chargers/Steelers game was the lowest scoring most painful to watch game of the week. Go Colts!
finn33 finn33 8 years
I can't wait until Romo dumps her and she quits wearing that jersey. I get the same feeling seeing Yoko Romo in that jersey as I would watching a terrorist burn the American flag.
Marni7 Marni7 8 years
I feel bad for Ashlee, I have never been pregnant but can only imagine how much it would suck being so far along and getting a false alarm!
little-k little-k 8 years
Oh, boyfriend's famous. Yuchhhh.
joannn joannn 8 years
Right, ok, we all know you're dating a NFL player. Stop making it so damn obvious
pinkprincess1101 pinkprincess1101 8 years
She is so cute how about them Cowboys America's team.
tifygodess24 tifygodess24 8 years
I still have that feeling that shes preggers... either that she keeps wearing baggy clothes for her big reveal later on???
lizzylu49 lizzylu49 8 years
Tragic. Nice clogs. Hem your pants.
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
well i guess that's why the cowboys finally won a game right? they were talking about how this was a do or die game for the team. anyway, i hope that ashlee is doing well - it's never fun to be this far along and to not have the baby.
bacon1 bacon1 8 years
I'm sad the Skins lost (cause they're my team.) I love Jessica Simpson, but I don't like her with Tony Romo because he plays for the Cowboys, and frankly, I can't like anything about the Cowboys. I think she looks cute though. I don't think we should except celebrities to be "on" 24/7, I like that she looks normal, and not overdone.
romes romes 8 years
At second glance, she's wearing the perfect maternity top!
romes romes 8 years
So she's in a parking lot wearing a Dallas shirt. I haven't seen any photos of them together for a long time. She used to look well groomed. Like someone said, she's desperate.
Mykie7 Mykie7 8 years
Poor Ashlee! I remember nearing the final days of pregnancy, those false alarms get your hopes up, and then when there's no baby to show for it... I hope she has it safely and SOON, poor little thing!
Gwen-G Gwen-G 8 years
I can't wait to see a mini-Ashlee
fleurfairy fleurfairy 8 years
Chunky and desperate.
se se 8 years
she looks chunky
LolaDub LolaDub 8 years
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