Jessica Simpson performed at the LA County Fair on Saturday night and Ashlee brought her baby bump and Pete out to support her chart-topping sister. Jess wore her favorite country girl outfit on stage and then changed into her Cowboys jersey on Sunday when departing LAX with Daisy. Jessica has had a permanent smile on her face lately and she recently talked about the source of her happiness. Here's more:

  • On her life now: "I've always believed if you stay true to your heart, the choices you make will end up being the right ones. I'm in the most comfortable place I've ever been and the smile on my face couldn't be more genuine."
  • On negativity: "I've sworn off all the haters. My computer is turned off and I mostly read my fan mail to encourage myself."
  • On success: "No matter how successful the record is in the world, it will always be successful to me because it has allowed me to follow my heart's desire. I really believe what I'm singing about and I love what I'm doing. Yes, it's all highlighted by the world's perspective but if I stay humble and true to who I am, the best is yet to come."

Jess sounds sincerely happy and hopeful about the future, and with her recent success, we believe her when she says this is just the beginning. If you're a fan of Jessica's, don't forget to enter to win her Lucky magazine cover outfit here.

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