Photos of Joel Madden Holding Harlow Madden in LA, Benji Madden Talks About Being Protective
Benji's Watching When Harlow Graduates From Cups to Boys

Joel Madden and Harlow couldn't have looked any sweeter on a coffee and water run in LA yesterday. She sported a fun hoodie and played with her favorite toy, an empty cup — she's grown up a lot since the first time we saw her with one. Time has flown for the almost-1-year-old, but there's at least one person in her life that isn't so eager for Harlow's future. Uncle Benji recently talked about being protective when she's old enough to date saying, "I'm going to be keeping a close eye on her. I'll leave the shotgun right by the door." Sounds like Harlow will have some muscle looking out for her if she ever needs it, but right now she's still under the very watchful eyes of Nicole and Joel.

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