Sienna and Jude Spend Their Weekend Coming and Going

Sienna Miller and Jude Law couldn't stay apart over the weekend, with both of them spotted arriving at and leaving each other's NYC apartments. She was outside his place again on Friday before they headed out separately for their evening performances of Hamlet and After Miss Julie. They must have reconnected at some point because Jude was spotted sneaking out of her building on rainy Saturday morning. Both Jude and Sienna had performances that evening, but they met up yet again regardless — Sienna used an umbrella to try to shield herself from photographers while leaving his place early yesterday, though there was no hiding her overnight bag. Jude left a bit later with an assistant, and after both he and she had their final performances for the week, it was time to hang out. Sienna was decked out in a green dress for drinks at The Box, which is one of Jude's favorite places to let loose.

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