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Katya1967 Katya1967 9 years
What's new? Poster's on Popsugar (and other blogs) think they can say any vile thing they want to Angelina, her fans or anyone who says anything remotely nice about her. Pop never does anything about it, except to admonish the AJ camper.
Juicylemon Juicylemon 9 years
Name calling other posters because you don't agree on some gossips that's what is frightening.
JLK JLK 9 years
Whenever there is a Julia and Danny post this usually happens.Usually us Julia fans bring up Angelina, because some Angelina fan calls her a ho.The hypocrisy of it.Then the flood gates open of all the Angelina posts.The only reason I care is because I'm a Julia fan.
StrawberryBlonde StrawberryBlonde 9 years
lol, I think Julia got left out of this one. Don't you know she would hate to know that Angelina overshadowed her even on a post that was initially started about her! :rotfl:
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 9 years
I think its a little out of hand to call someone "crazy" over something as silly as celebrity gossip, but I agree that sometimes the obsession over a celebrity can get a little out of control. Lets just agree to disagree and get back to talking about Julia Roberts, if anyone has anything left to say on that subject.
Freyda Freyda 9 years
:cry: I apologize for the duplicated paragraphs -- new computer with way to sensitive a mouse.
Freyda Freyda 9 years
:cry Thanks for your concern! JLK - AJ was quite open about two friends she made arrangements with to meet infrequently, in hotels, in order to have male company without introducing someone into her son's life just because she was lonely. I don't consider that a relationship in the same sense as say Jen and John or Jen and her grip. AJ made it very clear in several publications (Marie Claire & Vanity Fair) that there was no other role for that person in her life -- friend/lover period. Hotel not her home. She has never been accused of cheating on Jonny, Tim, Jenny, Billy or Brad, has she? I mean other than on the psycho websites? Did I say something about JR talking trash about AJ, where? :rant: MLLS I think it is really sad that you are so consumed with antipathy for Angie that you cling to tabloid myths and lies about her. I wonder why? I don’t know why Laura said what she did but BBT lived in a hotel when he and AJ got together and his break-up with Dern was confirmed by their representatives to PEOPLE and TIME magazines in 12/99. It is true that AJ ended up with a lot of her co-stars, but never during filming. I don’t know very much about Tim and AJ has never talked about being with him but she and JLM got together 18 mos. After “ Hackers”, BBT was 2 years after “Pushing Tin”, Jenny 3 years after “Foxfire” and Brad probably bout 2-3 months after the end of pick-ups – but MaMS filmed for almost 18 mos. as Brad had to take so many breaks for filming “Ocean’s 12" and “Troy” press – plus he and Jen vacationed in Europe a lot the summer of ‘04. . Show me where Billy said he had to marry AJ because of her hospitalization? Loving sex is not the same thing as promiscuity. AJ told Barbara Walters in 11/04 that she has always been in long relationships and only had sex within those relationships, but she was considering another path because of Maddox. She describes her arrangement in a identical way on Leno. Kim didn’t say anything about Colin and AJ, to my knowledge. Got a link? What video of Zahara’s mother? How do we know she is? Zahara was Angelina’s legal child when she left Ethiopia. She had followed all relevant laws and regulations. When she brought Zahara into the New York, Z became a US citizen. AJ has no more obligation to Z’s alleged bio mother than anyone else adopting in Ethiopia. There isn’t any threat to AJ that would cause her to disappear videos from the internet or pay off anyone unless she wished to. I fail to find anything sinister in that. I don’t recall the girl alleging to be Z’s mother wanting a relationship with Z. I thought she said she came forward because the stringers said there was money to be had. :ponder: I don’t care if you believe AJ’s own words but I have to wonder how come you believe AJ about her two lovers in hotels, but not her celibacy. Why would you discount a 16 year old girl remaining celibate after a relationship broke-up. In 1999 – almost 10 years ago – AJ was 23/24 years old and she had no children. Was she asked if she had ever been celibate? I love sex too and I’ve been celibate at various times, but like AJ, I've never slept around. She said her teen relationship was like a marriage and when they broke-up, she was devastated and didn’t sleep with anyone until she and Jonny hooked-up. She has been very clear she hadn’t been with anyone after Billy for over 2 years. She’s never been promiscuous and she is very disciplined. What is it you think AJ MANIPULATES? leilani – I am intrigued. What heartbreaking way did Zahara come to the orphanage? I read her Grandmother brought her there and swore before the authorities that Z’s parents were dead and she couldn’t care for her. She was quite ill, as well, and AJ was offered another baby in her stead but said she and Brad decided to go through with her adoption of Z even though they couldn’t be certain of her health status. Dr. Aronson said it was very likely Z would have been dead within a month because the Ethiopian authorities hadn’t a way to treat the Salmonella and diarrhea she suffered from. She was six months old and weighed 9 lbs. That sounds pretty grim to me. The girl who said she was Z’s mother didn’t say anything about wanting a relationship with the child. She stated (to the tabloid at least) that she came forward because the stringers told her there was money to be had.
talie talie 9 years
to :californiagirlx7 just because i'm stating the truth , i'm colin farrell's fan and i'm saying the same thing about him it doesn't mean i hate him it mean i'm not trying to hide the truth just because i'm his fan.
leilani1 leilani1 9 years
You would think with all her talk about embracing where her adopted kids came from and their "culture" that she would encourage a relationship between Zahara's Bio mother and Zahara, especially considering the heart breaking way that Zahara came to be at an orphanage. Yes Julia does look comfortable in that dress. ;)
JLK JLK 9 years
Fredya, Angelina or Julia could give a crap what any of us write.People on the set of M&MS, called her spiderwoman. Enough said.If you say this is not true, then you can't say what Julia, said in the same tabloid story about Angelina's performance in AMH, was true either. You probably believe that part of the tabloid story though,right.LOL. I remember Jolie doing press for some movie she did in 04 I think it was, saying she had lovers, plulal, when asked if she was seeing someone.It was on Jay Leno and Ellen I think.Now you comeback and write that it was monogamous lovers she has had for years.Her ex husband and such.LMFAO. You definitely have blinders on for this woman.I know Julia, is not perfect,and I don't write that she is.All this stuff you keep writing is not proving us wrong.We all know you wear blinders for this woman.I am speaking for myself, one of the main reasons I don't care for AJ, is because of her totally OBSESSED(putting it lightly)fans like yourself,bringing up bad things about other celebs, when we know AJ is not perfect.
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 9 years
talie: I don't understand how I'm not Angelina's fan by making people repeat "facts" over and over again. Your comments don't make any sense. She never dated Colin Farrell, and she certainly never dated Val Kilmer. Your sources must be the tabloids. I definitely don't need any help, as I have stated several times before that I don't think of Angelina as a deity as some people do and I definitely don't agree with everything she does. Why do you have someone you hate as your avatar anyway? pinkprincess: You're the one who seems to bring up Angelina in every thread, even when it has nothing to do with her, and bring up the same argument over and over again that Angelina had an affair with Brad. Even if it was true, which I believe it is not, I don't see you showing the same kind of hatred toward any other celebrity that has been unfaithful in the past.
Freyda Freyda 9 years
:JAWDROP: LOL! I bet they are more worried about some girl who has a paparazzi picture of their 2-year old in her internet postings that slam the child's Mother several times a day. I think Angie knows the difference between people who spread lies and venom, who make up stuff and call her a hypocrite and someone who posts facts. Every thread you go on at POPSUGAR there is someone slamming AJ. Rebecca Romjin - check, Julia Roberts - check, Rachel McAdams - check, Reese & Balthazar Getty - probably within a couple of hours. I had heard POP was a AJ hater site, that just uses her for hits, before I came here. Yup -- she's real worried about me.
pinkprincess1101 pinkprincess1101 9 years
crazy loonies if you know that much about a celeb you have never met you seriously need help and mangie needs to be contacted to stay far away
Freyda Freyda 9 years
Talie: Angelina has said she has never been with a co-star during filming. She has denied being with Val, Jared Leto (others say they weren't even working at the same times) and Colin (Colin too). She said in 7/03 that she hadn't had sex in over a year. Maddox was with her 100% of the time when she filmed "Alexander". The cast went out on a couple of occasions but AJ & Colin were just friends. She didn't even meet him until 9/03. After "Alexander" wrapped, Colin was in LA with his son and filming "New World" and AJ was in the UK. You say AJ's relationships are based on the movies she's done. That is pretty typical of actors, but AJ didn't hook up with Jonny until 18 months after they made "Hackers", Jenny 3 years after "Foxfire", Billy Bob 2 years after "Pushing Tin." She has never had an affair with a co-star during filming. You seem to believe she was with Brad during filming. So then according to you AJ was with both Colin & Brad at the same time? AJ has never been accused of cheating in a relationship. She is famously monogamous in Hollywood and considered a homebody. She said on 20/20 in 11/04 (filmed when?) that she hasn't had sex in over a year so if we join up that’s over 2 years.
talie talie 9 years
i meant suggest.
talie talie 9 years
to : californiagirlx7 i don't think you're angelina's fan at all by encouraging people to repeat their facts over and over again which i'm sure it won't do angie any good. angie on the set of alexander was with val kilmer then began being with jared leto then started dating colin farrell,(2003-2005) 3 guys in one movie, and her previous relationships are base on the movies she has done until the end which was brad pitt on the set of Mr & Mrs is that what you wanted to hear, as i said i don't you're angie's fan you are her enemy to make people repeat themselves about the things she has done, i sugest you and Freyda seek help.
Juicylemon Juicylemon 9 years
I guess there is really nothing to say about Julia Roberts anymore, eh?
Freyda Freyda 9 years
I thought it was 5 kids. I said it was a tie-in to MaMS -- not MaMS. It may have been privileged folks from the 60s but they were trying to kill each other – just like Jane & John Smith!! How else do you explain the guns, poison and chokeholds? If the photoshoot had been before the break-up that would have been OK? Jen filed for divorce the day before the shoot, so as far as we know Brad thought he was still working on his marriage as he wasn't serve until he got back to L.A. Brad has said several times that the marriage didn't end because of AJ, or kids. Go on youtube where -- medialady? She's the freak that devoted her blog to proving AJ wasn't really pregnant. That source is about two ticks above FemaleFirst, where they prayed for the twins to be deformed and stillborn. You know, the fake twins that Angie wasn't pregnant with, that her assistant, artificially inseminated with Brad’s spermatozoa, was carrying as a surrogate. Never mind how her hubby might feel about that. Talie, please post your photos of AJ & Colin clubbing in 2003 on "photobucket" or "imageshack" so you can let us all see. I find it astonishing that damaging photos would be out in the world and no one has thought to get a big fat check from Janice Min or STAR to sell them in order that hey can be printed. This will be a first -- photos of AJ in a nightclub when her little boy was with her, and in London too – while Colin was in L.A. with his son. In 7/2004 she told Barbara Walters that she hadn't had sex in over a year. Talula: Laura Dern and Billy Bob broke up about 5-6 months before AJ and BBT married. It was in People Magazine and TIME. Apparently Laura didn't have a phone in Texas or California, or even if she was in Canada -- it's not like she was in Outer Mongolia or even Spain, where she was making a movie or two and her publicist couldn’t reach her. But in any event she should know the parameters since she helped break up Billy’s 4th marriage in 1997 and Ben Harper’s in 2002 – 4 little kids didn’t matter to her in the least. Dern was pregnant with Harper 7 months before his divorce was final. From all accounts she didn’t like Billy to spend time with his kids. Billy’s 4th wife loved Angie, because Angie loved Billy’s kids JLK -- If you believe Angie was promiscuous or slept with co-stars during filming -- bring on your proof. So far all I hear is tabloid BS. AJ and Brad weren't together before Brad's marriage broke up. If you are going to repeat tabloid stories then surely you must be a tabloid reader. Don’t you remember that there weren't any until JA & BP announced their split.
MLLS MLLS 9 years
Freyda you are wrong That "W" spread had NOTHING to do with the contents of the Mr. and Mrs Smith movie. For one it was set in the 60's and they had triplets Blonde hair blue eyed boys. It was orchestrated by Pitt to be artistic and he wanted it to appear in photo galleries...NOT showing 2 people trying to kill themselves... :ROTFL: You should go to youtube and see some interviews with Brad discussing the photo shoot. He said over and over that it was NOT the MR. and Mrs Smith characters with the triplets, that it was privileged America in the 60's.
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 9 years
talie - I barely understand your post but I have never seen these pictures of her and Colin so I have no comment on the situation but they did film a movie together and they constantly said that they were just friends. If they were together, what did they have to hide? Angelina has been very honest about her life and I don't think she would lie about something that inconsequential. leilani - I don't understand why you are having such a harsh reaction to the things I said because I wasn't trying to condemn you. I'm sorry but the rumor about phone sex was never reported by a reputable media outlet so I choose not to believe it. Just because I didn't hear one of the million rumors that has been spread about Angelina doesn't mean that I have a "lot of living and learning ahead of me." I don't even understand how that makes sense in the context of the situation. I never said Angelina is faultless or perfect, but I don't think its fair to find any excuse to make disparaging remarks about her. I tried to see common ground with you on some issues, but you don't need to retaliate by making remarks about my own character or my life. pinkprincess - yes she didn't deny that they f*cked in the car on the way there because it was probably true. What was she supposed to do, deny it? It wasn't tasteful at all, but again she wasn't the one who made that statement. I wasn't even a fan of Angelina back then so I don't really care about her past even though I'm well aware of what she has done. I started liking her around the time when Tomb Raider came out and she adopted Maddox, because I saw a different side of her than the one that is the tabloids (which is trash anyway). I don't think she is perfect or Saint Angelina, as Perez calls her but (1.) I do think she is a good mom (2.) a good role model in the realm of humanitarianism (3.) an excellent actress (4.) she's gorgeous. Those are all my opinion and I'm entitled to that, nowhere did I say I like how she handles her romantic relationships or her fascination with knives, etc.
JLK JLK 9 years
Fredya said, I don't think Angie's is a slut because she's monogamous, she's never been promiscuous, she doesn't sleep with her co-stars during a shoot, and she has never been involved in breaking up a relationship. If you believe this, you are delusional. The photoshoot was after the breakup.Classless. You can post anything you want on popsuger. Don't think we won't post about your hypocrisy.I don't go on Angelina posts calling her a slut just for that reason.
PixiePup PixiePup 9 years
"she has never been involved in breaking up a relationship." Laura Dern would beg to differ. Both Angie and Julia are home wreckers. End of story. Move on already.
Freyda Freyda 9 years
Brad conceived of the "W"W spread and it was a tie-in to MaMS. there's no reason other than hateful speculation to say that Angie knew anything about Brad & Jen's marriage. Angie didn't go to Palm Springs with Brad. She went with her Mother, Maddox and Holly. Did you realize that the couple in the "W" spread were trying to kill each other? What has that got to do with the Pitts' marriage? I said absolutely nothing about Angie in my posts regarding others. "pinkprincess" decided to go there because of my avatar. Thats not my problem. Are you suggesting because I like AJ and Brad I can't post my opinions on POPSUGAR? How's that gonna work out for "pinkprincess"? Julia is a slut! She stay single for more than a couple monyths. Ask anyone in L.A. She had an affair with Keifer Sutherland, during a shoot, while his wife was home with two little kids. She had an affair with Moder, during a shoot (there was even a rumor that Brad told her to behave herself), while he was married, and she was engaged/involved with Benjamin Bratt. I don't think Angie's is a slut because she's monogamous, she's never been promiscuous, she doesn't sleep with her co-stars during a shoot, and she has never been involved in breaking up a relationship.
JLK JLK 9 years
About the W magazine spread, Angelina and Brad did that after Brad and Jennifer split. I remember because it was such a big deal that Brad and Angelina went to Palm Springs together after the split.I thought the shoot was classless for both Brad and Angelina. I know I'm not the only one who thought this.I feel this way not because of the photoshoot itself. It would of been fine for not the subject.I mean wasn't it more then 10 pictures of them playing house like they were a family, complete with children. What did this have to do with the movie? They played spies.They didn't have children in the movie.Talk about putting salt on a new wound.They could of nixed this idea and done something else. Fredya, I know you didn't bring up Angelina, first. You knew though that calling Julia, a Ho or whatever you called her was going to get a response with the avatar you have.I don't go on Angelina posts and call her slut.Like I said before you like to put Julia down to make Angelina look better.
Freyda Freyda 9 years
:cry and then right next to that would be your photo pinkprincess.
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