Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie decided one red carpet was enough for them last night, but many other celebrities headed to the afterparty once the Critics' Choice Awards were over. Aaron Eckhart looked very happy after Dark Knight scored a few wins, including a moving one for his costar Heath Ledger. Presenters Josh Brolin and Kate Beckinsale cozied up to their spouses, and gorgeous Freida Pinto had a huge smile on her face after Slumdog Millionaire took home five awards including best picture, director, and young actor. The mood of the night was celebratory, but hopefully everyone saved up some of their energy when the party continues this Sunday at the Golden Globes.

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Images include: Aaron Eckhart, Chris Noth, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Common, Diane Lane, Emile Hirsch, Jason Alexander, Jason Segel, Kate Beckinsale, Kristin Scott Thomas, Len Wiseman, Richard Gere, Sarah Jane Morris, Freida Pinto, Simon Beaufoy, Christian Colson, Danny Boyle, A.R. Rahman, Marisa Tomei

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