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HipMom HipMom 9 years
Suri is so cute! But I don't really like this thing katie has going with the oversized jeans etc. Well, she has the right to pick ugly clothes every now and then just like anyone else, right? LOL Oh, and about this "And it's a controversial subject but many claim they still practice disconnection, which is basically shutting every person out of your life who doesn't believe. That would include parents and family." It's absolutely not true. I know lots of people who have family members who are in Scientology and they still hang out with their Catholic familes etc. Don't believe everything you hear :-) Personally, I think nowadays people are so shallow and concentrate to much on the almighty dollar and material possessions that it's great for anyone to believe in anything spiritual at all, whatever it is. JMHO.
jaan_black jaan_black 9 years
Suri's cute but why carry her like she's an infant with no damn shoes on...I understand she's not walking, right now, but if she had to put the kid down, she's barefoot in a new yorker, that thought makes me cringe
labyrinth909 labyrinth909 9 years
Hunky Patrick Wilson speaks about Katie. Go Patrick!
nidomilo nidomilo 9 years
she looks like Jackie Kennedy in this shots!
lisa101 lisa101 9 years
Madchen i have to agree. its just the pattern you see on these threads. same idiotic robotic identical comments about katie being audrey hepburn blah blah blah. def same person
Mädchen Mädchen 9 years
myperry, I don't really think it's a Scientology thing (I think she's just obsessed with Katie Holmes), but I wouldn't really put it past them... ;)
myperry myperry 9 years
Hey Mädchen - completely agree with you. I wouldn't be surprised if all those duplicate account are organized by Scientology. All that sickening praise and comparisons to Hepburn (sacrilege IMHO)is just too suspicious. Sure you can be a fan of Katie - but this is way over the top. Really turns me off on commenting on any of the Cruise's posts.
spicyaroma spicyaroma 9 years
:shocked: No bottle????? But definately cute!
Mädchen Mädchen 9 years
aprild, I didn't monitor her as such, no. I regularly post on some of the IMDb message boards and somebody there alerted me to a certain poster, after said poster had been banned from another site because she was using multiple accounts (they checked the IP adresses) and being rude to people. Then, very shortly afterwards I started noticing that for some reason there suddenly were a number of new posters here using the same expressions (often the exact same sentences) as the IMDb poster and always posting on the same topics [Katie Holmes (=perfect), the Beckhams (=good), the Smiths (=good), Michelle Williams (=bad), Maggie Gyllenhaal (=evil)]. Their profiles are always conspicuously empty as well. I wouldn't mind, if she was just posting positive things about Katie & Co., it's the lies and insults she posts about the people she doesn't like. At least, she should have the guts to just use one account to do it. "I hope you don't think I have multiple accounts because I compliment Katie." No, you don't fit the profile. ;) Concerning Scientology, I completely agree with Shannolyn.
Briandiesel Briandiesel 9 years
I think its sad that they are going to protest her show and her. I know its about the Scientology but still, its about her. And thats unfortunate
Shannolyn Shannolyn 9 years
"if you're gonna protest, at least protest against a true injustice..not Scientology!?" I generally agree to always live and let live, but I don't necessarily think Scientology is all cupcakes and puppies, whiskers on kittens and brown woolen mittens. They've been investigated by the FBI for years, criminally prosecuted, with top officials going to jail or worse. And it's a controversial subject but many claim they still practice disconnection, which is basically shutting every person out of your life who doesn't believe. That would include parents and family. Again, I think every person on earth has a right to practice whatever religion they choose. I would fight to honor that right, and uphold it. However, much like the Catholic Church should not be allowed to harbor child abusers and pedofiles, if--and I only say if--Scientology is doing something wrong or bad I think people have a right to bring it to public light.
qteepie qteepie 9 years
I love her and her baby, thats all i could say bcuz i don't live with them. Don't know them personaly. She seems like a great mom.
aprild aprild 9 years
Protesting???? Geez! TO EACH THEIR OWN. This is a happy family and it's so dumb to waste time protesting and being mean to people who choose to believe what they do and are not hurting anyone else in the who cares? Katie and Suri are both so happy all the time and I think people hate to see the happiness and have to be rude then to try and spoil things. I think Katie, Tom, and Suri definitely keep their heads high and do their best to just enjoy life and ignore the haters. The media turns on everyone at some point so they must understand that. USAPatriot has the right idea - if you're gonna protest, at least protest against a true injustice..not Scientology!? Also, what are the chances those 3 screennames are the same person? Have you really been monitoring the comments of those 3 users Madchen? I hope you don't think I have multiple accounts because I compliment Katie..she has many fans after all.... And no I am not a Scientologist just to clarify so it doesn't seem like I am defending with some sort of bias.
TheEnchantedOne TheEnchantedOne 9 years
Bad Katie. Why are you hiding Suri's outfit? lol Suri's always a cutie :)
creepupmytee creepupmytee 9 years
too cute to be true.
Mädchen Mädchen 9 years
Oh, peachmarlin is another one of her "sock puppets". ;)
Mädchen Mädchen 9 years
lisa, I'm pretty sure blackhole, usapatriot and myfairlady are all the same person. She has a few more accounts as well. You can always tell though, she always praises Katie, Tom and their friends and pretty much insults those she (presumably) considers a threat, mainly Maggie Gyllenhaal and Michelle Williams. She also keeps calling Katie "classy" and compares to Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy. She does the same thing on IMDb..
lisa101 lisa101 9 years
i just want to know, is it one nutbar scientology PR person here with multiple accounts, or a few. by the way the USA is no longer the superpower it once was. the small minded retoric wont wash anymore. and if you consider what europe has endured over the last 100 years well america has endured very little. jeez
kingdomhearts kingdomhearts 9 years
I cannot stand this cuteness..... Do this Anontwits know this is Arthur Miller's All My Sons and not All my Children soap opera? Oh yea this 5 or 7 person with white masks will succeed with their protest looking like the following during the play.... A.terrorists from V from Vendetta B.Jabbawockeez from America's Dance Drew on MTV C.The Phantom of the Opera
peachmarlin peachmarlin 9 years
My heart is going pitter patter at the beautiful sight of Suri and Katie.
Louie Louie 9 years
I'm really loving Katie's hair like this. She's gorgeous and so is Suri. Too bad about her whack-job of a father.
usapatriot usapatriot 9 years
I dont live in Gotham city so I cant watch Katie's play(sniff-sniff-hiccups). These pathetic group should protest real problems not celebs. Why not protest against the leaders and priests of Osama Bin Laden, Chavez of Venezuela who vows to kill Americans,Ahmadinajhad of Iran who like the terrorists wonna kill Americans and those who love democracy and freedom but no they wonna protest sweet Katie Holmes who will likely fly planes at NY,Pennsylvania and the Pentagon.
jtysgram jtysgram 9 years
This family has beautiful genes. Imagine when Suri grows up too. I finally got around watching Tropic Thunder and I have to say Ben Stiller got really upstaged by talented hilarious Cruise and Downey Jr. The public enjoys it because for the third week it is still no. 1 despite many theatres shut down due to the hurricane precaution.
tweet-hotpants tweet-hotpants 9 years
i absolutely love katie's hair.
ilanac13 ilanac13 9 years
seriously? i don't understand why scientologists make such a big deal about what she's doing or what anyone does for that matter. katie's happy and suri's happy and i think that tom is dealing with it just nicely. i think that i'm going to make the effort to see the show though - i don't know if i'll get tickets for when it's in previews - but we'll see.
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