Photos of Kim Kardashian and Her Sisters in Bikinis in Mexico
Kim Kardashian, Her Bikini Body, and Sisters Hit Mexico

Kim Kardashian and family are spending some time down at Joe Francis's house in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, celebrating her sister Kourtney's birthday. It's the perfect excuse for a whole lot of bikini body time from all of the girls. Despite a minor setback of a sunburn last week, it looks like Kim is bronzed and ready to hit the waves. The girls were partying hard last night to keep the birthday fiestas going, but during the day it's all about water sports. The family have some more good news to celebrate — Kourtney and Khloe are having their own spinoff show about moving to Miami. Kim, on the other hand, is still fighting off rumors about being involved with Forever 21's new plus-size line, but as we can see from these photos. her bikini body looks amazing no matter what.

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