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Cuppitycake Cuppitycake 8 years
NONO TSP....Kitson does NOT carry Speidi's line.....Anchor Blue does. Kitson is waaaay more high end than Heidi Montag and her white trash line. Anchor Blue is a cheap-y "Forever 21" type store. But then again, Kitson is better than LC's overpriced, unoriginal cheap modal-constructed line too!!! I love Kitson! And Bloomingdales carries LC's line? don't see Fred Segal or Barney's NY picking her up....Bloomies is more mainstream, which explains their choice.
cari907 cari907 8 years
sima sima 8 years
Lo is so annoying. I never liked her or her style. LC looks good I'm just not sure about the shirt.
sabrina27 sabrina27 8 years
LC looks so cute. Love her new bag!Lo looks ok but I dont understand the need for a jacket during the summertime.
madchie madchie 8 years
nice shirt LC.
mstenda mstenda 8 years
LC never promoted Kitson's bs. She never went to the store, ever. So what was the point of paying her to promote Kitson if she wans't gonna do it in the first place. I just think she hates the store, she goes to Intuition and Intermix all the time but never goes to Kitson, I wonder why (maybe because they sell tacky clothes). Did you ever see Victoria Beckham at Kitson before they dropped her line. Kitson's owner thinks he can bully celebrities, I'm glad LC didn't fall for his crap. What Kitson is doing in childish, trust me when I say LC's line is doing well everywhere, her clothes are in 500 stores including Bloomingdales.
bingbingboom bingbingboom 8 years
Remember when all the celebs were carrying Kitson shopping bags? They were paid big bucks from the "famous" Robertson blvd store. So now Kitson dropped LC's line, she has to find PR pay from another source. No wonder she doesn't have to work!
apma apma 8 years
Lauren's clothes are nice, but way overpriced. The demographic she tries to reach cannot afford them. Heidi's demographic can afford her clothes.
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
what would we do for a whole day w/o an LC sighting or story. i'm sure that she's not stressing too much about the life of her line. there are plenty of people who will still buy her clothes regardless of what the outcome on her involvement. lots of celebs tack their name onto the whole process, and they aren't really in on the designing. LC is one that probably is in my opinion since she's in design school. it would be a waste of her parents money don't you think of she weren't to put her education to good use.
mstenda mstenda 8 years
I like Lauren's shirt and her shoes. I can't afford them though.
tcd4ever tcd4ever 8 years
They r so cute! ! !
tsp tsp 8 years
ok, so let me get this straight. kitson dropped lc's line, but they carry heidi's?! um...maybe being at kitson isn't where you want to be. heidi's line looks like garbage, and while what i've seen from lc's isn't the most innovative, it is cute. maybe overpriced, but cute. i'd still rather wear lc's than look like a street-walker in "heidiwood". ew.
IKindaHeartU IKindaHeartU 8 years
I love Lo! She actually says things that make sense and are like coherent thoughts. She had a bikini spread thing in US that had me giggling. She is cool. ~_^
mariellynelly mariellynelly 8 years
That shirt LC is wearing looks like the one James Franco is wearing on the right!
RosaDilia RosaDilia 8 years
Oh and that half tucked in shirt look is ridiculous.
RosaDilia RosaDilia 8 years
Isn't it warm in L.A.? Why is Lo wearing a jacket?
spicyaroma spicyaroma 8 years
Booooooooooooooooooooooring... I like LC's outfit though, but Lo just does nothing for me, never liked her, don't think I'll ever will :/
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