Leonardo DiCaprio sat with Lukas Haas to watch the Lakers defeat the Kings on Friday night. Leo has a lot to smile about this week with Revolutionary Road scoring four Golden Globe nominations including a Best Actor nod for Leo, which he celebrated by calling fellow nominee and good friend, Kevin Connolly. He recently sat down with Kate Winslet for an adorable interview with Entertainment Weekly and talked about their post-Titanic life, Academy awards and reuniting over a decade later. Here are some highlights:

  • On young stars like Robert Pattinson and Zac Efron gaining Hollywood fame so quickly: "That's the interesting thing about being an actor. You are also a public figure. Early on I made it my policy that a certain amount of publicity is good — you promote your job, you do your movie, you retain your private life, you don't divulge everything about yourself. And when I see younger actors getting a tremendous amount of publicity, I say to myself, Well, they've been given an unbelievable opportunity, and I hope they know within themselves that all that really matters at the end of the day is the work. All this noise and attention will absolutely deteriorate and there will be a new, fresh piece of meat for the media to focus on within less than a year's time. So what they should do at this moment is work their [butts] off to prove to the public and prove to themselves that they can absolutely have a long-term career."

To see more photos from the Lakers game and read a sweet exchange between Kate and Leo just


  • On working with Kate again: "Over the years, I would find myself stopping and saying, 'I don't know if we should do this again.' And then I'd think, 'What are you, an idiot? Why wouldn't I want to work with the best actress of her generation? Am I going to be prejudiced against a project just because Kate's in it?' I think we both had been actively looking for something else to do together, but we fundamentally knew that we couldn't tread on any sort of similar territory."
  • Kate: "May I? [Reaching over and rubbing her finger over DiCaprio's nose] You've scratched the top of your nose! Oh, no, we're literally doing everything we said we wouldn't do."
    Leo: "I know, this is a little too cute. It's like out of one of those —"
    Kate: "Don't say it!"
    Leo: "— one of those scenes from When Harry Met Sally... with the old couples. 'And I met her in the park in 1992! And she was...' 'Eating a hot dog!' 'And I was scratching my butt!'"
    Kate: "Oh, my God, and look at me fussing over your face. I've literally turned into a combination of your mother, your sister, and, I don't know what, your wife!"
  • Leo on Fame, Post-Titanic: "You never get used to it. Post-Titanic, it was more intense than anyone our age has ever dealt with in the history of...anything. It was the modern era of media and paparazzi where they're organized, with multiple SUVs following you around. I didn't know it would at the time, but it has way calmed down in my life.... By the way, I really hate talking about post-Titanic because it always sounds to me in print like I'm complaining when I have nothing to complain about. That movie gave both of us tremendous opportunities for what we wanted to do as actors."

It'll be exciting to see these two back on the big screen and even more fun to see them walk down the red carpet for the Golden Globes in January.

Images include: Antonio Banderas, Melanie Griffith, Tom Arnold, Leonardo DiCaprio, Lukas Haas