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karen-zoo karen-zoo 8 years
Actually sounds like an ok interview
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 8 years
I am a subscriber to Marie Claire, and the second i got this out of my mailbox, i wrinkled my nose and tossed it in the dumpster, than threw used litter on top of it.
g1amourpuss g1amourpuss 8 years
Gotta pick up that copy of Marieclaire.. she's so fk'n pretty.
carak carak 8 years
good for her. has anyone else noticed that she always pulls the SAME FACE in a spread? in any spread actually, she looks exactly the same. it's so boring.
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
well i think that those pictures are nice of her and it's always great to hear her side of things - and well - she's really making an effort in changing her life. i'm sure that i'll pick up the issue so i can check it out.
ElectricMadison ElectricMadison 8 years
i am going to call bull$hit on the talk that partying is all behind her...word on the streets at TIFF is that she was looking too thin and too awake all night to be totally sober...
lilly1978 lilly1978 8 years
I'm very happy for her that she seems to finally be getting her life on track. All of these young ladies -- Nicole and Britney and Lindsay -- that seemed to be destined for death or jail, are all doing so well. Kudos to them!
HeidiMD HeidiMD 8 years
I think she is on the right track. However, these aren't her most flattering photos.
plus_2_kid plus_2_kid 8 years
I love her - like I've said before thank God _I_ didn't have a camera trained on me during MY early 20's.... I hope she becomes the next Angelina - remember how people used to be so shocked and offended by her? Consider Lilo's parents and then cut her some slack. She's learning, she's making mistakes and ultimately she hasn't hurt anyone (true, some luck there)
KatiaD KatiaD 8 years
Well here is still very warm the sun is out,everybody sits outside bars clubs taverns.Still summer. I happened to see some videos in Youtube and there was a show MTV diaries or something,and you see Lindsay 16 years old going to the set or something,in a limo and her mother calls her,and she talks with her litle sister Ali who is crying and want to see her while Lindsay had to work and provide for them,and she starts crying and when she shuts the phone she says how much she misses them and so on.Now reading this interview and how she says she was staying at hotels so she wont be alone. Sorry but whatever happens iam on her side.
lisa101 lisa101 8 years
katia-ok difference of opinion and no not sun, its just not raining. britain has been under a foot of water for 3 months now. so damn depressing and we are heading into winter yuk!!!
KatiaD KatiaD 8 years
Lisa we arent fighting,we are talking.Sun eh?Well we have plenty here,still summer.
popculture-whore popculture-whore 8 years
i think she's getting her act together. yeah, she's made plenty of mistakes but i do hope she's learned. i wish her nothing but the best, and i really think sam has been a great influence.
ScoutsMom ScoutsMom 8 years
Love the red and black plaid dress--whose is it? Also, Duffy I (heart) your avatar--what a cutie-pie.
KatiaD KatiaD 8 years
As i said mostly the majority of the press and people who go along with what Hollywood producers want,are the ones who want to write of Lindsay.She still has a huge fan base while i became a supporter just lately a couple months ago.I have seen 4 movies first one the parent trap,and then mean girls,and just recently after some friends sugested it i saw Bobby and Georgia Rule and i must say she was great at both.I was suprised and still iam suprised at how many people will bother to post videos of her in Youtube or watch videos about her,we talk about millions and thousands of comments.I was also suprised to read about how in one day 45 million hits crashed the site to see her photos doing Monroe on NY magazine.So she still seems to have a huge fan base,otherwise why the paps and press will bother?What makes me angry though is the haters. Mykie she was young,she still is.At the age of 18 she was taking 7 million for a movie.She was considered the bigest talent of her generation after Mean girls.She has no father to stood by her,her mother was promoting herself throu her.What did you expect?She was working since 7 years old. I do believe when they got her with a drink on her hand,everybody will go out to bash her and call her names and so on.She didnt have a drinking problem though/She had a drug problem.So i dont hold my breath.
outofhere outofhere 8 years
I don't understand why she lands herself on the cover of mags when there's so many other actresses out there that are far more interesting.
cari907 cari907 8 years
duffy: what r u talking about? her arm looks skiinny
cari907 cari907 8 years
i love her. cant wait to get this mag. shes gone through a lot.
Mykie7 Mykie7 8 years
Katia, I don't think I've seen anyone say they want her to crash and burn. Lindsay has gotten the fan response she has BECAUSE of her antics. She has to make some changes to get those fans back. Me for example. Back in the days Mean Girls, I loved her. Even my SON was in love with her back then. But when she started the heavy drinking, partying, vajayjay flashing etc. She lost me. Hers wasn't mental illnes either which I THINK is why she didn't get the sympathy that Britney got. That said though, these last few months I've warmed up to her again. She's grown on me, and frankly, I like THIS Lindsay almost better than the Mean Girls lindsay. She's living her life, doing her thing, and not flaunting every move she makes. Yes, she's in the tabs a lot, but most of that isn't her doing. But seriously Katia, the discord she's receiving is her own doing. She made the choices she made, and now she has to deal with the consequences. And I DO think Lindsay is a serious actress. She has a real flair for comedy. She made some seriously BAD movies for a while, but that was during her "Crash and burn" period. However, something she did just prior to rehab, Georgia Rule, now that was a good movie. I think she'll get there again, but again she just needs time. HER time, not ours.
lisa101 lisa101 8 years
p.s. lets fight no more its not raining for once over here and im happy
duffy duffy 8 years
Couldn't they have photoshopped her right arm in that second photo? It looks huge, especially in comparison with her leg. Weird.
lisa101 lisa101 8 years
i celebrate the individual. and believe me we in britain dont give too figs about being gay, honestly i dont flipping care one way of the other. i dont even care for about her problems with substances. not two bits. all the best. but her life is her career now. she is not that interesting and she aint a good actress, i saw georgia rules and i cringed a fair bit. again her private life is her business. im critising her career. she has none. now where is that plate of hair extentions.
KatiaD KatiaD 8 years
Realy?How you know she is not a serious actress?In this interview the director of her movies talks too and describes Lindsay with the best words ,yet no one mention it they focus on the gossip.And i dont need to refer to many great actresses and Directors who had great words for Lindsay.But of course you see what you want to see.I accept she is a spoiled brat,she is selfish,but i also can admit she is a great talent.She is still 22.Iam sick of the Plastics who say and do what is expected.This girl has soul.
KatiaD KatiaD 8 years
Cause i usually dont post at sites.Iam just racked and upset over this past period of how Lindsay is attacked when she hasnt done anything worst than others.How many chances Britney was given?And she even has two litle kids who she gave custody up,yet everybody goes yeah on her.Even though i support Britney too.Iam upset to see everybody wanting Lindsay to crash and burn after she went throu so much in her life.And iam even more upset from the racist and sexist remarks against Samantha Ronson.I happened to be fat in my life a couple years ago when i stopped working out and started my working career,and the racism for everybody different is so disgusting.Now iam back on my normal weight and again the hypocricy makes me gringe.I have posted in other topics too but not so often as this one.I find this site the most positive of many though.
lisa101 lisa101 8 years
Katia im not trying to get at you either. ann hathaway has been promoting new work this last couple months, an actual film finished and released. all im saying she is no jodie foster is she? she is some minor starlet!!!and i happen to think the way she drip feeds info on her and sam is amnipulative to garner most publicity!! now nothing wrong with that but if this girl wins any serious acting awrds, i will eat her hair extentions!! she is not a serious actress
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