Madonna's No. 1 on Her Birthday With Jesus and the Kids

Madonna kicked off her 51st birthday weekend with a show in Krakow, Poland on Friday where she was greeted with a serenade from fans as well as some angry protesters. The next day she brought her kids and Jesus Luz to Portofino for a hard-earned vacation. She has a few days off from her Sticky and Sweet tour, and last night she celebrated her big day properly with a candle-lit dinner at the town's Splendido Hotel. Madonna was up early this morning for a day on the water, taking a boat ride with Jesus, David and Mercy before a swim with Lourdes and Rocco. No stop in Portofino would be complete without a visit with Dolce and Gabbana, and after saying hello to the guys Madonna and her gang finally called it a day.

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Image Sources: and Splash News Online