Madonna Shows Her Children How She Raises Malawi

Madonna had her hands full during a visit to The Home of Hope Childcare Center in Malawi with all her kids yesterday. Lourdes carried one of the current residents as Madonna showed David, Lourdes and Mercy the crib where David slept before he was adopted and played with the children. Leaving recent stateside legal issues behind, Madonna also broke ground on her new school for girls and checked in on the progress of a few other projects that her Raising Malawi fund is constructing at the Center.

Image Sources: Landov and
no stupider than any other celebs. it's kinda hard to make a truly biased opinion anon 1 when you've never met her. and i doubt you ever will!!!!! at least she's interesting and i enjoy her music. she manages to entertain me and many others and that's what this business is about. love lourdes! the second pic, is that hand sanitizer?
not impressed...Lourdes is probably a cool sister
wow, david is a big kid! how old is he now?
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