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Photos of Miley Cyrus Posing Sexy on The Last Song Set via Twitter

Do You Think People Overreact When It Comes to Miley?

Miley Cyrus recently struck a few sexy poses with her The Last Song producer Adam Shankman, who posted them on his Twitter. There's been backlash about the photos being inappropriate for a 16-year-old and Adam responded by saying, "Miley is a sweet angel who works tirelessly and endlessly, and is allowed to have fun in the make-up room! Seriously! Lighten up or no more behind-the-scenes pics! She's like my angel little sister." This isn't her first controversial photo, but do you think people overreact when it involves Miley?

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ilovemyyorkie7 ilovemyyorkie7 8 years
If she keeps this up I won't be a fan of hers anymore. Yeah, people make mistakes, but if she keeps this up...
nicklover nicklover 8 years
comment #2 hes prob old enough to be her grandfather
nicklover nicklover 8 years
i dont mean to offend anyone including miley but sometimes shes just a slut. shes ok sometimes and is doing better but...
pwatem pwatem 8 years
she is supposed to be considered a role model, and yet people wonder why the rate of teen pregnancy and STDs are going up. it's pathetic and i don't consider her a role model for young teens. she's just plain trashy.
karen-zoo karen-zoo 8 years
Yeah I thought that Leibovitz photo for Vanity Fair was quite nice. I didn't think it was raunchy at all. I have a soft spot for Miley.
Frida83 Frida83 8 years
YES, people are so overreacting. How can you even get upset about these pictures, they are harmless.
rockd_out_vxn rockd_out_vxn 8 years
awww... it's true. I missed the teeth
jaan_black jaan_black 8 years
dude shouldn't be in the pic or that close to her - period...but all I see is the biggest f****** dentures EVER...this chick needs to get a new set b/c they're clearly too big for her mouth and she looks like "Simple Jack" from "Tropic Thunder"
c4rolin3 c4rolin3 8 years
i don't know how no-one has commented on her absolutely goofy teeth in the pic on the left!!!! i'm too distracted by them to make judgements :)
safron111 safron111 8 years
16 is not such an innocent age anymore, but FRIK, this girl's fame is based on appealing to children. Maybe you guys have a different standard in the u.s.; or this kind of oversexualisation is the norm and it would be ok to think that way. Open mindedness and cutting slack are all good, but she should be more responsible. And I totally agree with #44
brilliance13 brilliance13 8 years
mariejoeyjacobs mariejoeyjacobs 8 years
ive never find her pretty. and shes a real attention seeker.
santiephey santiephey 8 years
We all poop........
ShePirate2010 ShePirate2010 8 years
these pics make me wanna hurl
Ana-V452519 Ana-V452519 8 years
I don't care for Miley, such a boring girl! And she seems to love this kind of media. All those Disney stars are boring to me
BethM BethM 8 years
I don't care for her either way, but sometimes she does normal teen things and gets blasted for it. She's gonna make mistakes, hopefully she'll learn from them.
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