Claire Danes and her new fiancé Hugh Dancy were hand-in-hand for a walk in NYC yesterday afternoon. She wasn't showing off an engagement ring, but that smile has more than enough sparkle to show off her happiness. It's a big time for Hugh too — on top of acquiring a wife-to-be, his Confessions of a Shopaholic hits theaters tomorrow. While promoting the film Hugh even spoke about workplace relationships which is interesting since he meet his fiancé on-set in the movie, Evening. Hugh said:

Work-based romance? As long as it’s legal, I think it’s okay. . . We’ve all had our own share of work-based romance I expect. I think as long as there’s actually some romance in it, as long as that’s not just a euphemism for something else entirely, it’s probably a good thing.

It was certainly a good thing for this couple who have gone from costars to a couple who look happily ready to take the next step in life together.

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