Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz coordinated their plaids for a rare night out at LA's Chateau Marmont on Friday, and yesterday Pete got his hair done at the salon. He's been busy promoting the new Fall Out Boy album and preparing to host the Australian MTV Awards at the end of March, and he recently found time to chat about both his band and his most important project of all — fatherhood. Here's more:

  • On sharing the spotlight: "My recurring nightmare is finding that Johnny Depp has joined our band. Don’t get me wrong, I love the guy’s work. But imagine being in a band with someone who’s a million times better-looking and charming than yourself. I wouldn’t stand a chance. Same goes for Barack Obama. How could I say no if he wanted to join the band? Maybe he could do some dancing at the side of the stage. That would be cool."
  • On Bronx: "Until I became a dad I never knew peace of mind. In the past my brain would never stop. Now I’m a father the world no longer revolves around me. When I’m with Bronx, he’s got my complete attention. He’s the only thing that occupies my thoughts. It fascinates me to speculate on what he’s thinking and feeling at any given moment. I also love to speculate about what kind of man he’s going to become. He could be another Neil Armstrong or Christopher Columbus. Who is he going to fall in love with? What’s his hair going to be like when he’s 15? Then, while I’m fantasizing about all this stuff, he’ll go to put his hand in his mouth and end up smacking himself in the eye. He’s the single greatest achievement of my life."
  • On how he and Ashlee get their son to sleep: "To get our son to sleep we play him Bob Dylan’s 'You Belong To Me.' Or a little Sinatra. My boy’s probably the last person in the world to appreciate my singing voice. Although I wrote a lullaby especially for him — you’ll find it on our new album if you look hard enough — it’s a hidden track. We had so much fun doing it I’m going to put out an album of songs for children. "

Pete might not want the president to join Fall Out Boy, but he naturally also has an opinion on the new first dog. He's never one to be short for words, but it seems like baby Bronx has opened up a whole new well of inspiration in his father.

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