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Photos and Quotes of Christy Turlington on Vogue August 2009 Cover

Christy Turlington Just Wants to Feed People

Christy Turlington happily posed for photos with her husband Ed Burns and their children for the August issue of Vogue. She took a break from her rigorous schedule of studying for a master's in public health and working on a documentary about maternal issues to chat with the magazine about her life. Christy opened up about her philanthropic causes and how her priorities have changed since her modeling days. She said:

  • On her childhood: "I skipped that self-critical place that's dangerous for any teenager. I kind of figured, If Vogue thinks I look OK, I probably look OK. . . Right away I didn't like the identity of being a full-time model. The cliché of it! The clubs. . . My income surpassed my dad's in my first year of modeling — and my dad made a good living. That puts you in a different place in your family, and the power dynamic shifts. I kind of liked the power in a weird way, but I was confused by it."
  • On Ed: "There was something about Eddie that was completely good and healthy. He's such an optimist, a relaxed person who doesn't get stressed out. When things don't go the way I plan them, I get more abrupt, not the friendly, open me that the rest of the world sees. He's certainly seen all of my selves. . . It's better to be known than loved. I mean known inside, deeply known. When somebody knows you, they know — it's not ephemeral, it's not a state or a stage."
  • On her future: "Now I'm 40 and getting this degree, I might be on the cusp of the career that I always wanted. . . I can't justify [shopping for trendy expensive clothes] — honestly, I'd rather feed people."



Join The Conversation
lizlee89 lizlee89 7 years
she is my favorite supermodel and I love her adorable husband and beautiful babies! she sounds like a great person...
karen-zoo karen-zoo 7 years
She sounds very honest in that interview. Kudos
cdelaney cdelaney 7 years
she is an amazing woman. honest, intelligent, articulate. they are a great couple and have the cutest kids.
Ana-V452519 Ana-V452519 7 years
she looks great! love what she said about Ed, that's better to be known than loved.
sandy82 sandy82 7 years
She seems like a beautiful person, inside and out.
clew001 clew001 7 years
i have never liked a model more than christy turlington...she is so refined & classy. love her!
mar mar 7 years
she has always been "the" model in my eyes. I never liked Naomi or Linda as much as her.
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 7 years
I agree -- I think she's thoughtful and intelligent (not to mention lovely). I'm impressed.
angelina8023 angelina8023 7 years
Love her!!
Silvers567 Silvers567 7 years
Wow, a rich famous person who is actually a decent human being. Good for her, more should follow suit. Kate Moss, I'm looking at you.
Marlowe Marlowe 7 years
What a lovely family :)
roxy17 roxy17 7 years
I love the b&w photo too. It IS gorgeous. They seem like such a wonderful, grounded couple.
Amanda-La Amanda-La 7 years
I, however, can justify shopping for trendy expensive clothes.
maddielove maddielove 7 years
She is such a beautiful woman... this is what a supermodel should look like...
spicyaroma spicyaroma 7 years
I love her too! She's so naturally stunning!
gatsby-esque gatsby-esque 7 years
She is my ultimate favorite model of all time. She is stunning, thoughtful, and intelligent. I love Christy!
CoconutPie CoconutPie 7 years
That B&W picture is gorgeous! Such a cute family and Christy sounds like a lovely person.
luna08 luna08 7 years
I love her! Her yoga book was great too.
jaan_black jaan_black 7 years
awww, I used to love her back in the 90's...she's awesome
Asche Asche 7 years
Finally, an model who is not only an inspiration, but a model who is using her fame to build something worthwhile. I'm so bored with models who build empires that offer silly things like talk shows and candy. Christy seems like a truly genuine person.
ilanac13 ilanac13 7 years
she's always been one of my favorites and i love that we get to see another side of her these days. it's kind of funny to hear about how she felt about her career growing up but oh well that's all part of life i guess. i still can't believe that she's 40. she certainly doesn't look it!
redchick152 redchick152 7 years
she is a ridiculously stunning woman....good for her, its never too late to go back to school! what a beautiful family!
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