Jennifer Garner is on the cover of May's InStyle, and here's a taste of the gorgeous photos inside the magazine. She shared some sweet details about her daughters, and Ben, who Jen says can occasionally be oblivious to her good looks. There's one area where she's sure she to hold his attention — Jen's rumored to be regularly seeing a sex therapist to make sure everything is going well in the bedroom. Here's more from her interview:

  • On her daughters: "Violet has taught me to slow down and appreciate things. With Sera, I'm so sure of her sweetness as a person. She’s taught me that there's an innate goodness in people that's real. And it's there from birth."
  • On getting advice from Reese on juggling family/career: "I always quiz Reese about how she does it. I feel like she does a really good job."
  • On relaxing: "I have a glass of wine with a girlfriend. I wish I meditated, but it’s wine and chocolate. Let's face the facts!"
  • On Ben's fashion eye: "Ben can be pretty clueless when it comes to my clothes or makeup. But when he does notice and says something, he’s so sweet that I forgive him."