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Photos and Quotes From Penelope Cruz in Vanity Fair

Penelope Cruz Has Two Things to Talk About in Vanity Fair

Penelope Cruz has made headlines lately due to speculation over her possible pregnancy, but she's on the cover of November's Vanity Fair to discuss her two upcoming films, Nine and Broken Embraces. She showed off her sexy back and even touched on Javier Bardem, revealing that he's the superior air guitarist in the relationship. Here's more:

  • On being a worrier: "I've always been a worrier. Since I was a little girl I've always felt that if I had a moment of peace I'd wonder: Are you sure you can afford to feel like this?"
  • On working with Almodovar again: "Pedro would push me to the limit. He really knows how to press all my buttons. You can only go into something like that when it's somebody you really trust. I always feel like he's my safety net. Like I can fly and go far, because he's going to catch me. The biggest [panic] attack I had during the movie was the scene where, for the first time, Lena [her character] makes the decision to try to become an actress. I don't know what happened to me that day, but before and after we filmed I could not breathe."
  • On hanging out at her mom Encarna's hair salon as a child: "It was my first acting school. I would pretend to be doing my homework, but I was real­ly observing the women. I found their behavior mesmerizing — what they were hiding, how they left feeling a little different after they'd been helped to become a little more like whom they wanted to look like. They treated the place a little bit like a psychologist's office."
  • On comparing kissing Scarlett Johansson and Charlize Theron in movies: "No matter how I answer that I will be in trouble. Both were pretty beautiful partners."

Check out more photos and the full article on their website and when the issue hits newsstands in NY on Sept. 30 and nationwide on Oct. 6.

Photo courtesy Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott exclusively for Vanity Fair

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