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Photos and Quotes From Ryan Reynolds and Michael J. Fox on the Rachel Ray Show

Michael J. Fox Tells Ryan Reynolds What Marriage Is All About

Ryan Reynolds stopped by The Rachel Ray Show today to talk about running the marathon for a cause so close to his heart. He didn't dish on Scarlett, but the newlywed looked fantastic and continued to charm with his personality. While on air, he was surprised by Michael J. Fox, who had some really sweet things to say about Ryan and some sage marriage advice to impart to his younger friend. Here are highlights:

  • Michael's marriage advice for Ryan: "Just remember this, if a man says something in the forest and his wife isn't there to hear him — he's still wrong!"
  • Michael on Ryan's support: "It means a lot and I'm humbled by you connecting your feelings for your father and your affection for him, and your desire to maybe make his life better and make life better for others in the situation. I'm humbled to even associate that with the work that we do."
  • Ryan on the marathon: "I see this Team Fox banner up ahead, and I look to my left and there I saw Michael. My dad, for I think fairly obvious reasons, couldn't be there at the marathon. I would have loved him to be there, but Michael really was a kind of surrogate for that for me, and to just high-five him and have that moment really carried me through. I mean, I said that I gained 15 pounds in goosebumps alone, and I just off I went and finished strong."

It sounds like Ryan and Michael have a lot of mutual respect and admiration for each other as they continue to work toward a cure for Parkinson's.



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