Isla Fisher shows some skin in the new issue of GQ as she continues to promote Confessions of a Shopaholic. The actress has already revealed that she plans on marrying Sacha Baron Cohen soon and now she opens up about working on a new script. She feels there is a lack of strong, funny, female movies and is writing a film called Groupies with Amy Poehler to help her cause. Here's more:

  • On the movie she's working on with Amy: "It’s about classic, overconfident dum-dums lusting after a band. There’s a restraining order against them, but they’re in total denial."
  • On her fiancé Sacha: "He’s always funnier than me."
  • On the rumors she was having difficulty converting to Judaism: "The entire story is ridiculous. I converted three years ago. [When the reporter revealed his partner was Jewish but he hadn't converted] I’m willing to do a circumcision here. Get me a sharp knife and some ice and you won’t even feel it. "

Isla may be humble about her comedic talent, but with her new movie and upcoming projects, it sounds like she'll be getting just as many laughs as Sacha in no time.