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Photos and Quotes of Jennifer Aniston in Entertainment Weekly

Not Catty Jennifer Cuddles Up With a Pup and Swears a Bit

We already got a taste of Jennifer Aniston's EW cover and what she had to say inside, but there's a lot more where that came from. In the article we get an even more candid — and potty-mouthed, ha — Aniston than usual, which is all the more why she seems like the perfect girlfriend. Marley & Me is still a few weeks away, but if the cute factor of this photo shoot is any indication, it's going to be a winner. Love the puppy. Here's more from the interview:

  • On Marley & Me: "Sometimes you're not always so thrilled about the movie you're pushing . . . But this is a good one.''
  • On her persona: ''Everyone projects their thoughts on you. Everyone's got an opinion. I wish they didn't. I've gotten to the point where, if I focus on all of that stuff, I won't make a move, you know?. . . There's this character — it's like my Hannah Montana,'' she says. ''That's how I feel. There's my Hannah Montana and then there's me.''
  • On Team Aniston shirts: ''I can see how that would be flattering,'' she says. ''But that divide-and-conquer thing is stupid. It's just catty. I'm not catty.''
  • On people criticizing her movie career: ''It was like, who f---ing s--- in her Wheaties? How do these people get the opportunity to just spew s---? They don't know anything. You know, career choices — you just do what you do. Not everyone's a winner. Not every episode of Friends was great. Not every guy you choose is great. Just across the board, there's so much expectation.''

To see more of what Jen had to say about her movie choices and having a movie coming out the same day as Brad just


  • On people's attention: '[Election night] was just so moving, so unbelievable . . . And now what do people do? Read my crap! Everything comes to a halt: 'What did she say?''' She shakes her head, smiling wryly. ''Good God. You have to laugh at it all at the end of the day.''
  • On movie choices: ''The girl trying to get the guy — those movies just don't interest me these days. I'd be so bored just doing that. I always think of it as you're walking down the aisle of the supermarket and there's the Fruity Pebbles. I like to do a little Kashi as well, a little granola.''
  • On her life: ''It's my history,'' she says quietly. ''It's my memory. That's all it is to me: something that happened, something that was really quite poignant and good in the long run.''
  • On Marley coming out the same day as Button: ''Oh, you had to go there! I thought we were out of the woods.'' She sighs. ''I want [Button] to do great. I've seen about an hour of it. It's amazing. Amazing.''

Considering how night and day the two movies are, it shouldn't be an issue, and if Marley & Me has even half the heart that Jennifer does, then it will be perfect holiday fare. As always, she's honest, upbeat, and apparently loves a good metaphor.

Join The Conversation
MissFamous182 MissFamous182 8 years
greenleafbella greenleafbella 8 years
fruity pebbles???? kashi? wtf
tina57 tina57 8 years
Jen is just so pretty in those pics, a natural beauty...everything goes well with Jen. her movies will be distributed.. no worry..
idawson idawson 8 years
Not a particular fan but I am looking at the media's handling of a long dead situation - just focus on her career in film please. The title of the EW cover reads "A Fresh Start?" Really? C'mon, now what does that mean? Just report she has a new movie coming out and take the conversation from there.
los-angeles-1 los-angeles-1 8 years
the dog is cooler and better looking (and, I'm sure, less needy)
joey8888 joey8888 8 years
High five SandyFeet....I have read all her interviews in magazines and saying he's a good !@#$! She gives people the finger and does swear like a stevedore...America's sweetheart???
tina57 tina57 8 years
Your 2009 calender is done with such taste. your beautiful. i love the breast one, an amazing body and face!!! you go girl..
SandyFeet SandyFeet 8 years
A 40 year old that channels Hannah Montana a 16 year old. She swears like a stevedore not at all "classy" and it makes her very common and not very grounded. In this interview I have lost all of my respect for her. Obviously that does not matter to her.
any any 8 years
she looks pretty and that dog is adorable!!
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
what else could she say about brad's movie right? i wonder which will do better - i just don't know. i feel like more people would want to see her movie since it's more heart warming although there's all this buzz about brad and oscar chit chat and all that.
tina57 tina57 8 years
Jens calendar photos are so hot!!! Hope they post them soon...
IHaveEsPn IHaveEsPn 8 years
I'm with LuckyMe on this one. more Bale. Less Brad.
bitterliberation bitterliberation 8 years
i cant wait for the movie, i read the book and im so excited! i love it when jennifer gets candid. she seems very real and doesnt care what others think.
Suzaila Suzaila 8 years
I love this interview, it's making me like her more and more and she cracks me up when she swears LOL. Sounds like she is in a good place and having fun. Her pictures as always are gorgeous. That dress is absolutely amazing. So excited for the movie. Love both her and Owen Wilson.
Joanna Joanna 8 years
She looks great and I think this is going to be very good movie. I think it's about time she said what she thinks. For some reason the critic's do really rag on some of the actors and actress and just rave about others. Some of the most awful movies get really good reviews.
Sikla Sikla 8 years
"Sometimes you're not always so thrilled about the movie you're pushing . . . But this is a good one.'' Come on, why do you do a movie you don´t like, you have enough money!
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 8 years
Seriously, two posts on the same article?? It's a good article though, I must admit. She swears like a truck driver :P Even her Friends cast members said so. I do think it's ridiculous that she gets mad at the media for criticizing her films. That's their job, and she HAS made a lot of crappy films. She was wonderful on Friends and she had a few good flicks (The Good Girl, Bruce Almighty, Along Came Polly) but she hasn't had a good one in years. I know The Break-Up has some fans, but I can't sit through a movie that I thought was supposed to be a comedy and turned out to be just 2 hours of people yelling at each other.
joey8888 joey8888 8 years
Too old for comments..yes!...What night party cream does she use?..Looks good for her party, AGE ways....
Jatra Jatra 8 years
I'm really beginning to think Jen's mental development is delayed. She seems to act like a 14 teen year old rebelling kid. I don't think the language is classy at all, it's disturbing for a women her age. Jen has a big part in the whole Team Aniston thing. Those fans that are all up in the triangle thing are lead by Jen. She keep it going but she can put a stop to the Brad/Angie bashing if she really would get over it her self.
LOL, she hates being told she isn't good enough for movies...and its true!!!!!! Unless she make rom-coms the rest of her life. That made he mad.
Audrey1974 Audrey1974 8 years
Sorry to disappoint ya, Pop, buuuuuut "honest, upbeat and loves a good metaphor" is all John Mayer. The only thing I like Aniston in is Friends. She's not a good actress. She never changes ANYTHING, so it's always her on the screen and not a new character...she's the new JLo.
tina57 tina57 8 years
Just simply beautiful beautiful Jennifer!!
tina57 tina57 8 years
Just simply beautiful Jennifer!!
tina57 tina57 8 years
Gorgeous gown, adorable puppy, I read the book it was really good can't wait to see the movie!!
sh12345 sh12345 8 years
i want a yellow lab please!
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