George Clooney was in Berlin on Saturday night, chatting with Santa and flirting with the ladies at the "A Heart for Children" charity gala before heading to dinner with friends. He had been set to receive an award at the event for his work towards calming tensions in Darfur, but George decided to pass the honor on to aid workers in the region. While in Germany, he sat down with the country's newspaper Bild to chat about his family, friends, and why he felt undeserving of the accolades. Here's more:

  • On why he wanted to pass the award on to aid workers: "You know, people are just too nice to me. If I had something to do with the end of the Sudan conflict then OK. But it’s not over, we haven’t been successful yet. Don Cheadle, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt and I — sometimes we accept prizes in order to maintain a platform for our causes. But when I was honoured by the Noble Peace Prize Laureates last year, I found it underserved. That is why I want to hand over the 'Golden Heart' to people who risk their lives everyday."
  • On celebrities supporting social causes: "It is up to every individual to decide. No one knows what is going on behind the public image. One person is looking for a job, another is building a family or looking after their parents. I personally decided to spend my free time helping regions of the world in crisis."
  • On what family means to him: "A lot. My parents, my sister, her kids. . . I am lucky that my parents are still so young and active. My father started teaching journalism this year at the American University in Washington. It’s really strange — at the beginning they wanted to have a lesson plan from him and other such stuff. He looked at me and asked, 'Can’t I just be "charming"?' It seems to have worked, he’s having a lot of fun. We all have a close relationship. Apart from them I have my 'family of friends' in Los Angeles."

It's no surprise that charm runs in the Clooney family, but George's concern and generosity are also part of what makes him seem like one of the nicest guys in Hollywood — and even Berlin.

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