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Photos and Quotes from Ginnifer Goodwin in W Magazine

Ginnifer Shows Her Sexy Bad Girl Lingerie-Loving Side

Ginnifer Goodwin went risque for her June cover of W Magazine. The actress was eager to show off a new side and quite a bit of skin for the shoot and in the interview she's all about dispelling assumptions that she's as sweet and ditsy as the characters she plays. Check out the whole slideshow of sexy images here. In the article she joked around about how she tricked her friends into thinking she was having her birthday at a Vegas nightclub and why despite being a vegan she still has that cheeseburger lover mentality. Here are highlights:

  • On stories about her: "I perpetuate rumors that I’ve dated people that I’ve never actually dated," she says with a sly smile. "Dorothy Parker once said something along the lines of, ‘I don’t care what’s written about me so long as it isn’t true.’ It’s safe making."
  • On love: "I know now that there are men out there who are, for me, the whole package, who are supportive of my successes because they know I will be just as supportive of theirs. I’m less tolerant of foolishness now; I know that it’s important I not tie myself up with the wrong person, because then I will miss the right person coming along."
  • On life: "My whole thing is quality of life. . .It must always be easy and low-maintenance and stress-free, and that means not trying to fit too much in. I don’t ever want to be in a hurry. I want to enjoy the moments."

To read what Ginnifer has to say about her costars and her new home just


  • On her Big Love costars: "I have shown up at work [with] my heart broken by a boy, and they have been the ones to hold my hand and call me in the middle of the night to make sure I’m okay. I have no doubt that I’ll be friends with Jeanne and Chloë forever. We are people who want to stand beside each other in life."
  • On becoming a vegan: "I’m so anti body-image issues. It was always part of my identity that I would show off by eating everything. But I’ve made a decision that I could not continue to support these industries."
  • On her new home: "I’m in a relationship with this house right now. I’m in love with it. I plan to be here a long time. I assume it’s where I’ll get married — I’ll only marry a fella who loves the house like I do — and have my first child."


Join The Conversation
Iris1000 Iris1000 8 years
She has a wonderful sort of body language. Strong, well placed stance. I like the vibe she gives out.
La-Tua-Cantante La-Tua-Cantante 8 years
I like her outlook
kmckay kmckay 8 years
wohoo! i've always found her way more sexy than most of those "sexy" labeled stars out there! i have no interest in W magazine, but think i'll be picking this one up!
nygurl nygurl 8 years
wow. she sure looks different since the days of mona lisa smile! i love the cover and can't wait for the issue.
Happsmjc Happsmjc 8 years
"people on here root for uglydogs" again--if thats ugly then you must look like angelina jolie or....????
Happsmjc Happsmjc 8 years
eww im disgusted by the comments---saying stuff about her weight---i would KILL to look like her!!! i mean all actresses have photo shoots like these--whats the big deal...I THINK SHE LOOKS GREAT!!
Fawness Fawness 8 years
Whoa, what a sellout. I just lost a lot of respect for her. I wasn't expecting her to give into the whole "sex sells" crap that many female stars embrace. Too bad.
dm8bri dm8bri 8 years
I just can't make myself like those LV shoes. They seem to be everywhere these days.
PensaGrey PensaGrey 8 years
Amen Anon... I don't even know who this chick is, but people on here root for the uglydogs no matter what they do.
PensaGrey PensaGrey 8 years
I think it's even funnier when you hear the 'untruth' come back to you. It's like a map to the liars who gossip. ;)
jaan_black jaan_black 8 years
I love that I can see her tiny "rubber tire" around her little waist
dreejay dreejay 8 years
Wow, this is a completely different side of Ginnifer! She has a nice body, not too thin but not by any means fat. In the quotes she seems really sure of herself, which is awesome.
redsilkshoes redsilkshoes 8 years
desperate for attention, Gin?
hottpink hottpink 8 years
LOVE LOVE HER! Go vegans! ;)
fashionplate525 fashionplate525 8 years
I dig her!
fleurfairy fleurfairy 8 years
She's a beautiful girl and one of my favorite actresses.
sham28 sham28 8 years
spicyaroma spicyaroma 8 years
Wow :jawdrop:
labyrinth909 labyrinth909 8 years
tacky for me.sorry... no need for actresses to do this
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