Photos of Reese Witherspoon With Deacon Phillippe, Quotes About Her Farm, Weirdest Chrismas Gift, and Dressing Up Her Oscar
Reese Likes Her Holiday Spirit With a Dash of Country

Reese Witherspoon went casual to take Deacon to the market in LA on Saturday. She's starting to make the rounds promoting Four Christmases, while figuring out how to juggle the holidays with Ryan and their kids. In two recent interviews, Reese's inner country girl shines through as she talks about an odd Christmas gift and how she gets her Walk the Line Oscar into the holiday spirit. Here are some highlights:

  • On her strangest Christmas present ever: "My dad's a doctor, and his patients used to always send him weird things because we grew up in Tennessee — so it's country. One year they sent a dead squirrel . . . as dinner. So we had it in the freezer for like three years . . . my brother and I were daring each other to touch it for like $10."
  • On the location of her Oscar: "I keep it in my front den. We like to dress it up for Christmas. We put a little Santa hat on it and scarf because it gets cold."
  • On going to her Ojai farm post-Christmas: "We feed the chickens and the pigs — I have two pigs, and boy are they really pigs. They just get down in that mud and roll around. I like getting down in there and working in the garden. Oh, I want someone to build me a good chicken coop . . . like a man who can just get down there and build it . . . ooh."

Leave it to Reese to make sure her Oscar stays warm, and as for a helping hand on her farm, we think we know just the muscle man for the job.