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eadrianaS eadrianaS 8 years
omg if wanderlusting could write that would be awsome i was wondering if u can do me a favor
nhancieh522 nhancieh522 8 years
hahahahaha! Rob rocks!~
Caravage Caravage 8 years
Omg!Relax everyone.Mind your own business. They must be criticized for smoking??It's better not to, but they are not role models they are just actors and their acting is the only thing that matters.
A_Kat A_Kat 8 years
Big deep breathes everyone. Taylor is never seen smoking in any of these photos. He's only drinking coffee.
kindjess kindjess 8 years
They should have idiots written across their foreheads for smoking. Only an IDIOT would smoke. Seriously.
kindjess kindjess 8 years
They should have idiots written across thier forheads for smoking. Only an IDIOIT would smoke. Seriously.
kkennedy13 kkennedy13 8 years
Whyyyyyy did they cast a brunette as Rosalie? She looks ridiculous in that wig! It distracted me the whole last movie and now looks worse. She is a gorgeous brunette, but she is not as a blonde! Rosalie is supposed to be the most beautiful woman in the world, and she looks awful! Terrible choice!
Sandie-xo Sandie-xo 8 years
as long as Taylor Lautner doesnt smoke , then im living the good life (L) I dont wanna see him hurt himself/his health.
amandasause amandasause 8 years
Sure, it's a choice... a really stupid choice.
starsnlight starsnlight 8 years
I believe that every person has the right to do what they please as long as they stay within legal means. The beautiful people in these pictures are not telling anyone to smoke or not to smoke, they are just doing what they like to do. If there are younger children who see this it would be their parents place to inform them not these actors. Please don't judge someone for what they do isn't that what the Twilight Sagas are all about.
Caravage Caravage 8 years
Why is such a big deal if someone is smoking?It s his/ her problem and we shouldn't judge them. I don't smoke but I don't have a problem if someone does.
10olga 10olga 8 years
it's their choice if they smoke or not! it isn't your problem
qtpie qtpie 8 years
ick smoking is so gross
katiebeth katiebeth 8 years
i mean, better... haha
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