Heidi and Spencer? There's an App For That

The Hills gang was together in LA last night to film for their upcoming season at Voyeur. Audrina Patridge had boyfriend Ryan Cabrera for company, as they continue making the club rounds together. Stephanie Pratt stayed close to Lauren Bosworth, who's already off on a weekend trip to Vegas. Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, meanwhile, continued to share their PDA following their lingerie and champagne-filled Valentine's Day. Heidi designed her silver dress, which is apparently her new favorite thing to do these days. "I'd really love to eventually wear mostly my only designs," Heidi said. "And I really would love to do a low end line [for my] fans and it can be really accessible and then a one of a kind couture line to really showcase my creativity." Both her and Spencer's flair for creation came to fruition with another recent project: they just released a new "Speidi" iPhone app.

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