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alltherage alltherage 9 years
the enough project is a great organization - def worth checking out!
healthbabe healthbabe 9 years
he's cute
dioraddict dioraddict 9 years
Oops!! I meant "kind," not "king."
dioraddict dioraddict 9 years
Oops, I meant "kind," not "king."
dioraddict dioraddict 9 years
What's better than a hot guy with a king heart?!? :LOVE:
antenna1 antenna1 9 years
A buzz cut on a grown man - yuck!!!
popculture-whore popculture-whore 9 years
aww... just listen to him! he's so humble and genuine. what he's doing is really respectable. i love him
em1282 em1282 9 years
Sorry, scottdavis, you're in the minority on this one. ;) Sundaygreen--are you talking about the one where he busts out the salsa moves? I wish I could find a salsero like him. ;)
em1282 em1282 9 years
Haha, "Do what you want with that"? I think I know what y'all (and myself included) want to do with that. :cookie:
scottdavis0676 scottdavis0676 9 years
This guy is one of the ugliest Hollywood stars I have ever seen! Even Leo is better looking than him, and that's not saying much.
DecemberBaby DecemberBaby 9 years
Ya Gotta Love Him
jaan_black jaan_black 9 years
he looks like Marques Houston to me (besides the skin tone)...not a fan of either and always thought this guy looked a bit inbred...IMO
yadiet yadiet 9 years
missyd missyd 9 years
Briandiesel Briandiesel 9 years
He is just so handsome
sundaygreen sundaygreen 9 years
man oh man, anyone catch his interview on ellen ages ago? he's to DIE for!
Amesabelle Amesabelle 9 years
I watched the Notebook at the beach this weekend (did not spend a minute talking about making a difference in Darfur while I was there, I promise :) ) and fell in love with Ryan Gosling and Noah all over again. :LOVE:
lenepocket lenepocket 9 years
oooh lala i likey him
Frank-y-Ava Frank-y-Ava 9 years
I've moved on from George, Ryan is my new boo and then James McAvoy. Hear that blob, you can have George. :)
bleached bleached 9 years
I'm all for actors and celebs who actually get out there and make a difference. Darfur is a dangerous place and I admire everyone (UN and NGO workers and celebrities) who put themselves in danger to help people. Not like the celebrities who just talk about making a difference from the comfort of their beachfront property...
chellybean chellybean 9 years
marry me
LolaDub LolaDub 9 years
he was here in d.c? oh man :(
Sporky Sporky 9 years
I love you Ryan but why are you wearing a pilot's uniform?
rpenner rpenner 9 years
That peach-fuzzy head isn't the only thing on this man that I'd like to rub...
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