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Photos of Scarlett Johansson on the Cover of Cosmo! Girl

Scarlett Is Happy to Get Political in CosmoGirl

Scarlett Johansson got dressed up in red, white and blue for the patriotic cover of November's CosmoGirl. The recently married actress has been a vocal and occasionally controversial Obama supporter, and she chatted with the magazine about her experiences on the campaign trail and what makes her happy. Here's more:

  • On campaigning at colleges: "It was amazing that these kids are just so well-informed and so interested. There were really obscure questions and debates that they wanted to lead — I couldn’t believe it! And it was amazing how many of these kids turned out. We made the environment friendly. I’m 23, and all of these kids are probably between 16 to 24. They’re my peers. . . we’re all connected by the same issues."
  • On what makes her happy: "Things that make me happy are being with my friends and family, and also things like a challenge — using my brain, you know? That makes me feel good. When I’m challenged and when I feel like I want to get to the bottom of something, when I’m engaged, that makes me happy. Being engaged in something or bettering myself in some way."

Scarlett's just one of the many celebrities to throw their two cents into the political ring, and while Obama is no longer the main man in her life, she's ready to do what she can to support him before Election Day on November 4th.

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