Shia LaBeouf Proves He's Got Street Cred on the Cover of GQ

Shia LaBeouf ditched his facial hair for a handsomely clean cut April cover of GQ magazine. He's dressed up and in character to promote Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps, though the movie's planned April release was postponed until September so it can premiere at Cannes in May. It's still sweet to hear him glow about girlfriend Carey Mulligan but also open up about his infamous car accident and the wild side of the financial world. Here's more:

  • On his relationship with Carey Mulligan: "I never really had anything in my life that was off-limits but with this, just out of respect, I just don't want to fuck around. She's an unbelievably thought-provoking actress, the most talented actress I've ever met in my life, by leaps and bounds. Neither one of us are fame whores. It works out. It's not like we're the premiere couple; we're not the red-carpet king and queen."
  • On his car accident: "I’d be watching the news, and they’d play my car crash, and every once in a while Kim Kardashian’s sister would jump on TV and preach to me from the red carpet about how to live my fucking life. And I’m so upset, man. I’m so angry. Because this accident was not caused by me. I got hit. I had a green. This fucker ran a red light. And he flipped my truck, and he shoveled it on my hand. And my fingers are in the street . . . They’re off, they’re under the truck door, man. This is fake, dude,’ he says, lifting his newly reconstructed hand. ‘This is hip bone and the skin that was left over."

To see more of what Shia had to say about his "Richie Rich" life and working with Michael Douglas just


  • His firsthand experience on Wall Street: "I thought my life was pretty wild. I'm Richie Rich. I land in New York, secretly thinking I'm like the coolest guy in the world. I've been on the cover of GQ! But then I met these guys, and it's humbling. It's the most sex-drugs-and-rock-'n'-roll atmosphere that exists on the planet. I was hanging out with some wild human beings."
  • On working with Michael Douglas: "Michael Douglas was an open wound on the set, that dude is in pain. He was emotional putty on the set. A struggling man. We filmed a struggling man."…Stone and Douglas wrestled all the time on-set, that is their process. They fucking go at it like rams, all day long, every day. They know that they feed off each other in a way that they don't get with anybody else, but they hated each other."
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