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The Royals
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Purrrnella Purrrnella 7 years
Shilo looks fine, whats up with Brad, hes just sloppy, and worn looking..........did Angie take his style sense with his genitals
Vsoto81 Vsoto81 7 years
Who cares what this child is wearing? I believe no adults should manipulate gender issues when dealing with their children. Let kids be who they want to be. Let them wear what they want to wear. They will eventually get a whole lot of input from their peers, and they will learn about gender and societal norms on their own. Parents should let them be who they want to be, and the gender issues will come along with their interactions with the world.
Glamorously Glamorously 7 years
#72, you're just stupid. There is no such thing as a living tax. It's called income tax and it doesn't matter where you live it's where you make your money. As their money comes from American film studios they pay American income taxes. So does that mean you don't watch Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward movies? Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor? Antonio Banderas? Tom Hanks? Cuz all these folks fell in love with their partners while married to other folks.
Glamorously Glamorously 7 years
#'s 68 & 69--Bravo! Finally some smart people on this thread.
Kkkkkkkkkkk Kkkkkkkkkkk 7 years
Wow. How utterly BORING of Popsugar to post the same story two days in a row, just because it generated a heap of comments first time round. And how utterly PREDICTABLE that people are jumping on it all over again. The content on this site just goes from dumb to dumber... I guess they're catering to their new readership judging from the vast majority of the comments on this (and yesterday's version of this) story.
SandyFeet SandyFeet 7 years
^ How do you know they do dot interact with other children? You don't travel with then do you? There are 6 CHILDREN in that family all with their own personality and with different ages. These children are getting the best education in the world traveling, meeting and interacting with other cultures and they will not be stifled by small minded people with prejudices. You should be so lucky.
Glamorously Glamorously 7 years
My question to all the haters here: Why don't you guys ever question the parental fitness of Kate Moss and her daughter's father, Jefferson Hack? There's a new post up right now and the two of them are partying the night away, again. In fact, all the public photos of these two are of them painting the town with friends, drinking and partying, out till the wee hours, you rarely see photos of these parents being parents. How come no one cares that they're negligent parents? At least Brad and Angelina are present, spending time with the kids and actually minding their children's welfare. There's a double standard. Why don't you call Eddie Cibrian and LeeAnn Rimes adulterers and homewreckers? The list is endless: Robert Rodriguez and Rose McGowan, Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas, Madonna has had all of her kids out of wedlock, Ryan Phillippe and Abbie Cornish, Julia Roberts got involved with her husband while he was married to someone else, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. I can go on. So everyone on this thread that writes that they're cheaters, blah, blah, blah, you better apply your standards across the board. You'll be writing your self righteous comments for hours and hour!
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