Sienna and Balthazar Reunite For Manicures and Massages!

Sienna Miller was in a shaggy coat to walk her dog Bess in NYC yesterday, but her company this afternoon was a little more unexpected — she was spotted getting manicures and massages alongside none other than Balthazar Getty. The duo tried to go incognito and looked a little shaken up when they realized they'd been spotted. Sienna took off with Bess for another stroll, leaving Balthazar to head elsewhere in his Dodgers cap. It was recently rumored that Sienna has officially parted ways from her Summer fling, George "Slinky Wizard" Barker, and Jude Law's reps shot down whispers of their reconciliation. Sienna's love life is never dull, but it looks like Balthazar's back in the picture even if George and Jude aren't.

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Image Sources: and Splash News Online