Jude and Sienna Reunite With a Romantic Carriage Ride!

Jude Law is back in NYC after traveling to London for a red carpet screening of Sherlock Holmes. Sienna stuck around Manhattan and spent quality time with family, but she and Jude were reunited on Wednesday night for a horse-drawn carriage ride in Central Park! She was in her furry coat to keep cozy despite the cold, though the flowers adorning their ride might have warmed her heart a little. Sienna was also spotted yesterday morning apparently on the way out of his apartment when she stepped out to get coffee — for two. Jude returned to the Big Apple in order to do more press and to attend last night's big premiere, but he's evidently able to find space in his schedule to keep entertaining style chameleon Sienna.

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i like the thought that they might be back together. there's something to be said about growing up and learning from past mistakes. i was just watching TMZ though and they said that these 2 are perfect for each other because they are both cheaters but i do'nt think that sienna can be put in that category. she didn't cheat on anyone, she was just involved in that type of situation.
I agree with #3. :(
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