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gottahavecoffe gottahavecoffe 8 years
Has anyone thought to ask why JLM is wearing a wedding ring in those photos? Everyone asks about Angelina, but he gets married and there's no comment? How odd.
CalliopePoppi CalliopePoppi 8 years
joannn joannn 8 years
Hi Tom Cruise's PR guys (I know you're here, stop pretending): Just wanna say, stop creating new accounts to sing praises of this wacky family everytime a post of them pops up! Thanks!
oldschool oldschool 8 years
love the photos mainly 4 and 11.
myperry myperry 8 years
Here we go again, a Tom & Katie post and tons of new members who just LOVE them. Tom - stop your PR push, it's not working, we're not stupid. If you want to have all those favorable comments at least tell them to sound realistic as opposed to this fake love fest. And i'm sure one of those new members will respond to me saying they have a life and are not on blogs all day long, that's why they are new members.
quantumleap quantumleap 8 years
Suri and Katie are my favorite Mom and daughter in Hollywood. Best of luck to Katie in her tv gig comeback,Broadway and many more. Congrats and G'Luck to Tom on the best scripts by Hollywood Black List with Valkyrie and Edward Salt. I know Tom will blow away people with his comedic performance in Tropical Thunder.
myfairlady myfairlady 8 years
Not true rpenner because Katie really has a babyface but maybe just dresses too conservatively. Nothing new if you saw her MTV Diary when she really chooses her style more reserve. She gets nervous when its sexy. In Batman, some really complain Katie needs to look mature and now that she looks mature some complain she needs to look young again. But then again why entertain haters that hate on everything? She has to look mature for Eli because she's a lawyer but outside the screen Katie is really like Leo DiCaprio,Tobey Maguire who have babyfaces. If Michael J. Fox was not ill he still looks so young too along with babyface Alyssa Milano.
crusaders crusaders 8 years
I didnt like them but they are growing on me. Have to admit their baby is really gorgeous.
dancingnancy dancingnancy 8 years
damn, katE looks sorta mannish - the whole family has the same haircut
puppyluv puppyluv 8 years
I heart this family. Not only they are happy but good looking. I wonna pinch Suri's face and arms. I wonna know the orange watch Katie has on.
tuscanstellina tuscanstellina 8 years
awww, love suri...she is too cute.
rpenner rpenner 8 years
True myfairlady, but Katie is also only like 28, not 40
zaferjacks zaferjacks 8 years
Adorable family
balalaika balalaika 8 years
Katie really has the Jackie O look. Chic and simple but very beautiful with makeup or none. Suri is just a doll as always. Cant wait to see Katie in tv too.
myfairlady myfairlady 8 years
Adorable girls and Tom looks hot. Ofcourse big difference Katie is not girly girl Joey Potter anymore but a grown wife,mother and beautiful WOMAN. We're not teens forever you know.
lyrical_angel lyrical_angel 8 years
I was just watching Batman Begins last night and couldn't believe the difference in her. She looked so pretty and healthy in the movie. Her hair looked great and she wasn't too thin.It's sad to see the change.
mod16 mod16 8 years
katie's hair. ick.
Lala77 Lala77 8 years
Lol Twinkle :ROTFL:
Twinkle1 Twinkle1 8 years
It was a motorcycle race. I only know this because I was flipping channels and spotted them bugging the riders just before the beginning of the race. He's doing a hell of a job turning Katie into a man.
rpenner rpenner 8 years
I'm also loving her leather jacket but that's about the only nice thing I have to say here
Lala77 Lala77 8 years
Who cares about Katie. This post only remembers me about the great victory of Vale. Vai Vale !!! Sei il migliore !!! This was the best race in moto gp that I've seen in awhile :)
Hockey-Princess Hockey-Princess 8 years
It's amazing how Tom went from a cute adorable hottie to an absolute freak. I may get in trouble for this, but after seeing the infamous Scientology speech tape, I can't get the image of Hitler out of my head every time I look at Tom....
myperry myperry 8 years
She does look like such the boy and Tommy i'm sure is very excited about it. He looks like such a dork. That leather jacket and glasses look like a costume on him. Ugh he really disgusts me - middle-aged short control freak who's trying way too hard to fit in
tinacolada tinacolada 8 years
It's a shame such a cute baby belongs to these two.
jaan_black jaan_black 8 years
jenwils01 - just though of that.....Tom wants her to look like a dude and she does...a 14yr old's all so clear
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