David's Game Gets Heated While Victoria Takes on Idol

David Beckham and the LA Galaxy beat the New England Revolution in Foxborough, MA, on Saturday. Becks got into an argument with a player who elbowed him, but he smiled after his team's win. He's also getting pressure from England to come back in December or else he won't qualify for the World Cup. Meanwhile, Victoria was in good spirits arriving at American Idol auditions in Denver on Friday to be Paula's temporary replacement. She told Ryan Seacrest, "I'm going to try hard to pout and not shatter the illusion that I'm a moody cow, but I don't know if I can — I'm just so happy." Whether or not you are excited for her Idol moment, it sounds like we'll be seeing a happy Posh when the new season arrives.

To see more photos of Becks playing, and Posh arriving into LAX on Saturday and driving around LA on Sunday, just


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