Victoria Heads Home Without Her Designing Man

The Beckham family spent Christmas together in England, though David was off last week to begin training with AC Milan and prepping for their match against Manchester in the coming season. Victoria stayed behind with their boys in London, where they got dressed up Saturday to spend another night at the theater. The foursome headed back to California yesterday, arriving at LAX last night with Victoria in gray jeans and fur holding on to her son's Winnie the Pooh bear. It's time for Romeo, Cruz, and Brooklyn to head back to school, and David might also be getting down to work with his own pencil and paper — he could join Victoria in the fashion design department as rumors are circulating that he's set to create his own line.

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Victoria Beckham is in her own insane world. She honestly believes that she's on a level that she is NOT. Poor thing.
She looks ridiculous
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