Angelina Jolie let Shiloh and Zahara lead the way for today's Parisian outing to the aquarium. Angelina was up early to explore the city with her girls after a late dinner date with Brad Pitt last night. The two also attended yesterday's premiere of Megamind, where Brad raised eyebrows by wearing leather cargo pants. Shiloh was showing off her own sense of style this morning with zebra print shoes, while Zahara stayed warm in her puffy coat. The girls got bundled up to help celebrate their brother Pax's seventh birthday over the weekend with a group hot-air balloon ride, visit to the Eiffel Tower, and family cruise along the Seine. Angelina will be back in work mode tomorrow during the The Tourist press junket alongside her costar Johnny Depp, who just added a sexy Vanity Fair cover to their steamy newsstand triple crown.

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