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JustGossip JustGossip 6 years
Reading some of these comments is really disturbing. There are sooooo many bitter haters on this thread. Why do you ALWAYS have to bash Aniston? She is not responsible for being mentioned as part of this article. And I know you can't accept this, but Brad actually loved Jen. He loved her enough to marry her. He loved her enough to tell ANYONE who would listen that he wanted a zillion little Jens running around. It is actually a fact that he loved before Angelina came along. I know you don't want to accept that because for some reason you think this diminishes what he has with Angelina. So it's bash, bash. bash Jen. Every. Day. All. The. Time. So what if Jen visited him for a week while he was in Malta. She was working on "Friends" at the time and couldn't get away longer than that. Just like Brad couldn't seem to tear himself away either when Jen shot the last episode of "Friends" even though everyone elses spouse was there. And just last week, Angie couldn't didn't even bother spending Father's day with Brad, even though he is the father of her six kids. Some times that's how things work. Just because you're a Brad and Angie fan does not mean you have to reduce what he had with Jen. It makes you seem really insecure, bitter and hateful. I realize you think Brad and Angie walk on water and everyone else is some sort of awful person who is not worthy of Brad's love. Seriously, WTF? Personally I think you hate Aniston, because unlike you, she has actually met Brad Pitt, slept with Brad Pitt a million times, and married Brad Pitt. Something NONE of you will ever do. So what if she didn't turn her womb into a clown car for him. Angie won't even marry the guy unless her kids force her to. If Jen is such a nobody to you and if she meant so little to Brad as you claim, why do most haters bring her up even when there are articles about Brad and Angie that don't even mention Jen? And do you think that might have something to do with why the press will forever tie these three together? It's the posters/haters who don't want to let it go even though its been YEARS now. I dare the loons to go an entire month reading about Brad and Angelina without slamming Aniston. The fact is you wouldn't even last a week.
hali3389 hali3389 6 years
Of course popsugar has to bring up his ex of 6 plus years....they think she walks on water! Special Spot? Rolling my eyes. When in the world will this site move on? Brad has six children with a woman that is not old jen, why can't you have a little respect for that? Soon they will be divorced longer than they were ever together. By the way, your friend jen only visited him for about one week out of 3 months during Troy!! What kind of marriage was that? PLEASE MOVE ON! Brad is not married to her anymore and this site seems to refuse to beleive that that is the truth.
bohemianrhapsody bohemianrhapsody 6 years
i seriously wish they wouldn't get followed so much. a date night is a good thing though!
shoes4life shoes4life 6 years
Wow! Pop just won't let it go....who gives a crap that he took Aniston there in freakin' 2003! They are divorced with no children and yet this man is with Angelina and has six children and Aniston is brought up constantly like last night dinner. Get over it already!
jaan_black jaan_black 6 years
Don Johnson doesn't age and he still fits into his old suit, I'm impressed
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