Britney Spears Greets the Sun as a Halloween All-Star

Britney Spears popped up through the sunroof to check on her bodyguard, who was grabbing her coffee at a Starbucks in Calabasas yesterday. Usually Britney can handle her own caffeine fix, but this time she stayed in her car and let someone else brave the line. Halloween is days away, and while Miss Spears is a popular costume choice, she's known to take advantage of the chance to dress up as something else. In 2007 she was a bright pink cat as well as a sexy pirate, and in 2008 a long wig completed her look, though last year she was busy preparing for her Australian tour and skipped all the big parties. If Britney is still figuring her weekend out, we have lots of last-minute easy ideas on how to get in the spooky holiday spirit!

Image Source: Ginsburg/Spaly Inc
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