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jaan_black jaan_black 6 years
she's far from overweight...what you (most likely) emaciated, 13 yr old boy body types fail to realize is that she gets extra bulky when she exercises...she's one of those that builds muscle extremely fast, it's not cellulite...the outfits don't help her any b/c they're just ugly and cheap but please don't call her fat...and I'm 5'3", 117 pounds so don't assume I'm some big girl coping pleas for Britney but lets be real here
jiabell jiabell 6 years
Fat? Really? She looks better than 99% women on this planet. The 18-year old Britney had the best bod in the industry, it's hard to compete with that, even if you're 29-year old Britney with two kids. Her dancing would probably be better if she didn't wear those heals.
Merlin713 Merlin713 6 years
I think she looks good, all things considered. No, she can't really dance anymore...she marks her moves. Oh well. She still cranks out the tunes her core audience/fans will continue to buy. If she just threw on some black pants over her one pieces, it would look better. Oh well. :shrug:
white-rabbit149683 white-rabbit149683 6 years
Yes her image is the most important part of her job and with that in my mind she failed.The less(or no) talented people in this profession have to be skinny,pretty or crowd pleasers and appeal to either guys(Megan Fox) or women(Jennifer Aniston).Still some comments remind me why I laugh when I read that someone's too skinny.Pls.
lickety-split lickety-split 6 years
those outfits do her no favors. she's a big girl now, and she should dress accordingly. no one wants to see thighs like that. if brit wants to rock the skimpy; she needs to lose about 30 lbs. otherwise, wear something that covers more.
Sunshine1301 Sunshine1301 6 years
First of all, Britney is a babe. Now, I get that she doesn't look like she did when she was 18, but who does? Not any other pop star out there, that's who (and I'm guessing not any of you either). Yes, we expect entertainment from her, but she still delivers on that front. Ever thought that YOU'VE changed since she was 18? My guess is yes and you're looking for something else in entertainment now. Also, have you ever met a cheerleader? Lots of cheerleaders have "tree trunks" as commenter #2 so sensitively put it -- it's called STRENGTH. She could probably snap a tree branch with those thighs, from her rehearsals and performances. She's always had muscular legs, we're just becoming more and more critical. If you don't like her music, you don't like her look, whatever, just don't buy her CD or concert ticket, don't verbally trash her. It's the people tearing her down with poor self esteem, not the people supporting her.
Kitty-Collins Kitty-Collins 6 years
The problem with Britney is that once your audience sees you at what they consider your best, they won't accept you any other way. Her best was a rocking hard body and high energy performances. The same can be said for Janet Jackson.
fuzzles fuzzles 6 years
Not a fan, but I agree that the costumes aren't flattering for her figure--which is fine, by the way. She's got proportionately shorter legs when compared to her the length of her torso. The ankle boots and low sit of the leg openings really emphasize that fact.
jenwils jenwils 6 years
Ummm ... ditto #1.
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