Courteney Cox and Coco Have a Cougar Town Day in Malibu

Courteney Cox wore a bright purple dress to film Cougar Town while her daughter Coco explored set with a friend in Malibu yesterday. Courteney was sharing a scene with costar Brian Van Holt, though it was another of her leading men who recently landed a date with Courteney's best friend Jennifer Aniston. Jennifer was spotted out to dinner with Cox's love interest on the show, Josh Hopkins, but he maintains that they're just friends. Aniston connected with Josh while filming her guest-starring role on the premiere and we loved getting a first look at her cameo before the show returns September 22. With one week to go until we reunite with Jules and her wine-adoring girlfriends, stay tuned for our exclusive cake-decorating interview with Busy Philipps on everything from Coco and Birdie's playdates to a possible appearance by Michelle Williams and more!

I like Courteney. Always thought she was the best looking friend on Friends and now it's undeniable. Gorgeous!
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