Peter Facinelli Chats Accordions and Pigs With Jimmy Kimmel

Peter Facinelli was the latest Eclipse actor to visit Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday afternoon. He sat down with Jimmy to chat about their Fourth of July plans, and Peter revealed his family's background with the accordion — check out the video below. Many Twilight fans checked out the movie when it opened on Wednesday, but Peter's planning to wait until tomorrow to visit theaters and surprise fans. He said, "What I love about the Twilight community is that it's such a powerful thing to watch when people come together for a common cause. I'm a fan of the book too, so when you all come together for the love of one thing, it's a really special feeling." It was a big week in the Facinelli-Garth household since they also celebrated Luca's 13th birthday with a special mystery dinner. Her present was a baby piglet, which she has since named Mia Ham.

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