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Pictures of Freida Pinto and Dev Patel Walking in London

Dev Has Freida's Support Battling Hollywood Stereotypes

Freida Pinto and Dev Patel were arm in arm yesterday afternoon for a walk in London. She's in Dev's home country of England after a stint in Canada, where she worked on Rise of the Apes with her Esquire cover guy costar James Franco. She's gearing up for a busy Fall with the release of You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger and Miral, but things for Dev are a little quieter professionally. He's spoken out about the tough time he's having landing roles in Hollywood, saying that producers only offer male actors of Asian descent jobs playing "terrorist, cab driver and smart geek."



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joanne_lummy joanne_lummy 7 years
He is super talented, been watching him for years in Skins on the TV over here in the UK. Hope he gets some better roles soon. Also super cute couple!
jaan_black jaan_black 7 years
ps - Freida is gorgeous
jaan_black jaan_black 7 years
uh, yeah - he's 200% correct...I mean just as a country, screw Hollywood, we're racist and love to stereotype (yeah, this means you too or your friend or your uncle)...I wish we were all holding hands singing "We Shall Overcome" but it's not happening in my's lame actually but we deal, right?
redchick152 redchick152 7 years
its a shame, but sadly i believe him! after all the attention that Slumdog brought, you'd think they'd be throwing movies at him. i am still excited to see more of him. i guarantee he's a better actor than Taylor Lautner and Taylor is still getting roles. Their skin colors are pretty similar too. hollywood is weird!!
sunnyheart sunnyheart 7 years
stephly, I agree. What are they waiting for?? Cast him! I'd pay my money to go see him in any lead role. Isn't that what Hollywood cares about--whether people will show up to see him in the movie?
Jessiebanana Jessiebanana 7 years
It's like how in Romeo Must Die the lead guy never gets to kiss the lead woman...ever. It's just weird and terribly discriminatory.
shannon_xo shannon_xo 7 years
I think he is totally sexy! Hollywood needs to start moving beyond black and white men.
pss pss 7 years
Btw love this couple, they're so cute, and talented, and young and in love...
pss pss 7 years
If Dev Patel, probably the most talented young actor nowadays, has troubles to find a role in a movie, then movie industry is the one having a problem. Agree about what he said about Asian roles, but in Skins he didn't play a terrorist, a cab driver or a smart geek, he just was one of the gang, well he was a geek but still...xD But obviously he's talking about Hollywood.
onlysourcherry onlysourcherry 7 years
Bizarre. With the massive attention paid to slumdog you would think this wouldn't be an issue. If angelina can play a role written for cruise, then I'm pretty sure dev can play a role written for any young hollywood actor.
stephley stephley 7 years
What is Hollywood waiting for?
bluehue bluehue 7 years
That sucks that he is having trouble finding work. He is so talented.
Kitty-Collins Kitty-Collins 7 years
Society is not ready for the sexy Asian or Indian male lead. Not ready for the Asian woman with a ...wait forit not a white dude, but an Asian dude. Ridiculous.
zeze zeze 7 years
He's right, you never see a character that is just a character who happens to be Indian, or any other race/nationality...some black characters have broken through that, but even those characters are usually the supporting character or the best friend of the white main character. Only exception that comes to mind right now is the Disney show That's so Raven, where it wasn't a "black show" (think Girlfriends as the black Sex and the City) - she was just a girl in high school who happened to be black and her friend was white without any emphasis really on race.
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